Katha Ankahee 11th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Katha tells Viaan the truth

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Katha receives a call from Neerja asking how everything went. Katha tells that Vanya doesn’t want money or any share, she wants nothing but acceptance and acknowledgment for her and her mother. Neerja asks if Katha is shocked. Katha thinks that Vanya didn’t took her chance, she could have come with lawyers but instead made a personal bond with Viaan, she demands him to talk to Teeji about it.

Vanya waits for the elevator. Ehsan questions her about leaving EarthCon without any explanation. Vanya thinks that ignorance is bliss, he might not find solutions after finding the truth. Ehsan questions for talking complicated instead of telling the truth. Vanya would be glad to know that Ehsan remembers her as a complicated, angry person. Ehsan thinks of her as an interesting, fierce woman willing to fight for her right. Vanya should have focused on office gossip, nothing in this office stays hidden from Ehsan, he will surely find her back. Vanya has left some notes for Ehsan on the Rajasthan project, they will help her. Ehsan is sure about Vanya returning.

Teeji complains to Farah about Seema and Vanya. Viaan calms her down. Teeji thinks that women like Seema seek nothing more but make other fools, Seema did exactly what Vanya is doing to Viaan. Farah asks Viaan to ponder, why would Vanya demand acknowledgement when she has everything to win. Farha and Teeji are more experienced with people who are thieves. Viaan is in a query, he offered Vanya lawyers and money, but she refused. Teeji questions, Vanya will take his name than the money and business. Farha wants Viaan to think, Seema and Vanya have nothing to lose here.

Vanya comes home to find Katha sitting in her lounge. Katha apologizes for coming uninvited, she isn’t here to raise questions. Katha was looking from Viaan perspective but now she thinks that Vanya’s pain is genuine. She requests Vanya to tell the truth, the pain that till exits in Vanya and Seema’s eyes. Vanya questions why Katha would believe her, the person who always doubted her. Katha used to doubt her, but today she saw a girl who was fighting for her mother instead of making her way with Viaan. She will believe Vanya today; Katha is asking the truth for Viaan. Of all the people, Vanya knows best the burden of living with the past. She requests Vanya to free herself from this burden and share the truth. Yash agrees with Katha.

Ehsan comes to meet Viaan, the peon informs him that Viaan left early.

Katha comes home to Aarav who is frustrated about Robin not picking up his phone. He asks Katha is she has returned, Katha taunts saying that she is still in office. Aarav requests her not to pick on him now. He sits on her lap, tells that Robin didn’t come to club yesterday, he isn’t attending calls as well. Katha comforts him, Robin might be busy with work. Neerja comes home, notices Katha in stress. Katha tells Neerja the truth she learned from Vanya. Neerja was shocked, asked if Viaan knows. Katha doesn’t find it simple to tell Viaan this truth, it would be difficult for him to continue a relationship with his mother after knowing that she is culprit and Seema is the victim here. Neerja insists Katha to tell Viaan the truth, she is just a messenger here. Katha explains that Garewal family didn’t accept her as a daughter for many years, considered her a homewrecker. Neerja points out that Katha would be lying by hiding the truth. She should tell Viaan the whole truth and help him handle his feeling. Katha questions, what if Viaan demands proof, other than Seema only Teeji and Farha knows the reality, what if they refuse to accept. Neerja asks for a common link. Katha recalls Seema telling her about a woman named Meenu, she was Teeji and Farah’s common friend but had her loyalties with Teeji.

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Katha meets Meenu, she is Jeetu’s wife. Meenu made a promise to Teeji for Viaan, she never mentioned it to Jeetu as well. Katha requests Meenu to tell the truth to Viaan, he has been searching for Seema, hating his father, Viaan deserves closure. Jeetu agrees with Katha, he has seen Viaan suffer, he deserves a lot. Katha knows that truth will hurt for a while but lies will destroy life.

Viaan is grateful to Katha for calling him to this library, he used to spend his time here. Katha remembers Viaan mentioning about this place in Alibaug, used to visit this place with his father. It’s a peaceful place. Viaan recalls his father telling that sound of the water waves brings peace to the heart, ironically, him leaving created a storm in Viaan that peace frightens him now. Katha thinks that Viaan’s father loved him. He questions Katha about meeting him here. Katha tells that Teeji loves him, he is her whole world. Love is odd as it frightens one from being taken away from their loved ones. She has come to learn the truth about Seema. She asks him to listen to her with patience and strength. Katha brought Meenu, she can tell truth since she was there. Viaan knows her. Katha tells that Meeru was close to Teeji and Farah. Meenu told that after marriage Teeji and Viraj fall out of love, they weren’t happy together.

Meenu tells him everything. Viaan visualizes how Teeji complaint about Viraj asking for divorce. Farah convinced her to stay, marriages have downfall but now Teeji needs to focus on their business and kids. Katha tells that Viraj wasn’t happy in his marriage, he met Seema at that time and fell in love.

PRECAP: Katha tells that Viraj wanted a divorce, showed him the divorce paper. He started living with Seema, soon later Vanya was born. Vanya showed Viaan all the gifts Viraj sent to him which were retuned by Teeji. Viraj never stopped, just like Teeji who kept returning them. She showed him a letter Viraj wrote for him.