Katha Ankahee 11th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Viaan worries about Aarav not calling him a father.


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Katha, Viaan and Aarav were out for dinner. Aarav wanted to order another flavor of ice cream. Katha denies, Viaan takes Aarav’s side saying that he wants to try another flavor as well. Katha couldn’t say no. Aarav and Viaan gave each other a high five under the table. Aarav left for the bathroom. Katha was busy eating, Viaan took a bite of ice cream, there was some on his lips. Katha saw him talking, noticed the ice cream and wiped it from her fingers.

On his way out from the bathroom a kid bumped into Aarav. Aarav demanded an apology from him. The kid showed attitude, he threatened to hit Aarav. Viaan and Katha went see after hearing some voices. Viaan stopped the kid from punching Aarav, tells that he isn’t allowed to touch another kid. The other kid’s father came questioning, he didn’t consider it a bid deal. Viaan and Katha asked the father to teach his son some manners. The father argued. Aarav stopped Robin; the father questioned their relationship. Viaan said that he was the father while Aarav called him a best friend. The man taunted Viaan for having an undefined relationship. Everyone left.

Katha put Aarav to bed, came out to ask Viaan for coffee who was in the lounge pondering on what Mr. Garewal said. He showed his concern about a man questioning his relationship with Aarav. Viaan didn’t take it lightly, he realized that instead of defending his friend he was fighting for his son. That was a change in him. Katha can understand, people talk about maternal instinct but not paternal. A while ago Viaan was struggling to understand that emotion, a trigger was needed for him to have all those emotions he used to run away from. Katha asks him not to worry, all this is beautiful. Viaan read her poetry, she asks him to explain. Viaan says that it’s an expression, wants to know if Aarav will ever understand his love or call him father. Viaan suggests giving this relationship a name for Aarav, they should marry. Katha gets up anxiously. Viaan understands her sentiments, but they can do this for Aarav. Viaan wanted to discuss this a in a proper manner, not unromantically. Katha wasn’t expecting him to propose her on Eiffel tower but if he intends to marry her for Aarav to call him father than she rejects his proposal. Marriage isn’t necessary for Viaan to be Aarav’s father; he might call him father at a random moment. They should give Aarav time, he will accept.

Next morning, Katha was getting ready for the office. She questions Aarav for not being in a happy mood. Aarav misses Aarav, wishes for him to be here, he wants Katha to invite him here forever. Katha will find the right time for it. Aarav wants a date. Katha explains that they need everyone’s acceptance for it. Aarav questions, everyone likes Viaan except Mr. Garewal. Katha tells that everyone has their opinion and preferences, Aarav didn’t like Eshan at first as well. Aarav questions. Katha tells that Mr. Garewal will show accept Viaan after knowing him.

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In the office, Katha was watering the plant, Vian came to give her the gift he couldn’t present at her birthday party. He acted a magic trick to show her the bracelet. He saw a tutorial to learn the trick. Viaan helps Katha wear it, she called it beautiful. In childhood, Viaan read that magic happens to those who believe in it. Viaan wished for the impossible and now he has Katha. He asks Katha if she believes in magic, Katha holds his hand saying that she trusts him. Katha scares him by taking an employee’s name, it was her kind of magic because Viaan got sacred. Viaan felt like a teenager, for a minute he thought that Mr. Garewal came. Mr. Garewal is Amrish Puri from DDL in Katha and Viaan’s love story. Katha questions him for saying such about her father, Viaan apologized. Katha starts laughing, Viaan imitate Mr. Garewal from the dinner. Viaan was sure about Teeji accepting their relationship, she would do it for his happiness but what about Mr. Garewal. Aarav has the same concern, Amrish Puri accepted as well. Mr. Garewal is tough but will agree for Katha’s happiness as well. Viaan is good at waiting, will wait for Mr. Garewal as well.

Mr. Garewal praised Aarav for coming to him directly from school, he will be served delicious food because of him as well. Aarav questions if he meant oily and fried food. Mr. Garewal wants some meal for his body, he is doing the yoga Katha suggested. Mr. Garewal wanted to see Aarav’ card, he denied, called it cheating. Mr. Garewal started tickling Aarav, he admits his cheating. Aarav wants to know Mr. Garewal doesn’t like Viaan. Mr. Garewal will play Jenga next. Aarav requests him to answer. Mr. Grewal doesn’t get a good vibe from Viaan. Aarav tells him about the little and important thing Viaan does for him and Katha, considers Viaan perfect for the family. He requests Mr. Garewal to meet Viaan. He leaves for an errand. Kavita questions Mr. Garewal for ignoring Aarav, he likes him very much, asks him to try and understand Viaan. Mr. Garewal thinks that Viaan might love Aarav now but what about future because they aren’t related by blood. Aarav decides to do something on his own to convince Mr. Garewal for Viaan.

PRECAP: Aarav call Mr. Garewal and Viaan and screams for help on the phone. Katha was worried about Viaan leaving the office in a hurry. Mr. Garewal and Viaan reached the sports club at same time. Viaan found his phone, asked people about him. Aarav gets trapped in a maintenance room, the catches fire. Viaan jumps in the fire to save Aarav.