Karanvir Bohra Faces Setback: Injured on ‘Saubhagyavati Bhava’ Set, Resumes Shooting Amidst Recovery

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Television luminary Karanvir Bohra recently encountered an unfortunate incident on the sets of the popular TV series, “Saubhagyavati Bhava: Niyam Aur Shartein Laagu.” The acclaimed actor suffered a significant injury during the filming of the show when he accidentally fell, impacting the same knee that had undergone surgery in the past. In addition to his knee, his elbow and hand were also affected by the mishap.

The incident prompted the production team to take swift action, deciding to conclude the shoot early to prioritize Karanvir Bohra’s well-being. The actor was promptly taken to a nearby clinic for a thorough medical assessment and treatment.

Known for his unwavering dedication to his craft, Karanvir Bohra had been actively engaged in the shoot when the accident occurred. The production company expressed genuine concern for his health and conveyed heartfelt wishes for his speedy recovery.

Taking to his Instagram account, Karanvir Bohra shared details of the mishap and extended gratitude to everyone for their well-wishes. Despite the injury, he informed his fans that he had to resume shooting for the show, emphasizing the team’s reliance on him and the imperative of keeping the show going.

In a recent interview, Karanvir Bohra elaborated on the incident, saying, “I was deeply involved in the shoot as the scene depicted Raghav attempting to harm my daughter, so I had to approach it with enthusiasm and intensity. I had to sprint at full speed, and the carpet was a bit slippery, causing me to slip and fall directly on my fingers, elbow, and knee. It was quite painful. Interestingly, it was the same knee that I had injured during my time on Bigg Boss. Although my fingers are slightly swollen, I had to return to the shooting immediately, as they say, the show must go on. Especially in television, we can’t afford extended breaks because we need to deliver episodes on time.”

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Karanvir also shared a poignant moment during the mishap, recounting, “When I fell, my wife Teejay was right there, and she initially thought it was a realistic acting moment. She believed the take was still in progress, but when she saw people rushing towards me, she realized something was amiss. The concern shown by everyone, including my on-screen daughter Khushi, Daadi, and other actors from the show, was truly heartening. Back on set, I resumed shooting because that’s the nature of television life—we must continue to meet our episode deadlines.”