Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 9th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Babita gets Amrita arrested

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Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 9th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1

Gautam’s mother tells Amrita that we heard everything and you can’t fool us about your father’s affair, Bhavani says the kids didn’t know. She says so you knew everything? Gautam tries to calm her down but his mother says they were fooling us, this girl just wanted to get done with the wedding. Jay and Ishika come there but Jahan throws Ishika out from there. Jay tells Gautam’s mother that we can talk at home. She says what home? you threw your family of out home. Everyone will know about your affair and they will even question your daughter’s character, I don’t want a girl from a family like this for my son so this marriage won’t happen now, she takes Gautam from there. Bhavani glares at Jay and says you were wrong many times but I never complained because I thought you would realize your mistakes but I didn’t want it to come like this, my Amrita won’t be married because of you. She cries so Jay leaves with Ishika. Amrita consoles Bhavani and says I don’t care, we are together so its okay. Bhavani says it was such a good proposal. everything is finished now. Amrita says you have done a lot for your kids but you have to live for yourself now. She hugs her and cries. Jahan consoles them. Amrita tells her to stop crying and gives her water. She gets Virat’s message to call him urgently.

Scene 2

Amrita comes to the boutique with Virat, he tells her to help him as his assistant. He says you can decide on my clothes from now on. He puts clothes on her and says your choice is not that good though. He shows her some clothes and whatever she likes he says hates it. He goes to change.

Bhavani talks to her society members and says where will I go? Jahan says they are all crazy if they think its Bhavani’s fault. She says Bhavani will live in this house because its her house too. She tells them to get lost. Bhavani cries and says I don’t know what will happen with Amrita now. I am worried for her.

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Virat is trying on sherwanis. Amrita is lost and recalls Gautam’s mother breaking off marriage and her mother crying. She thinks to somehow take pain away from her mother. Virat is putting clothes on her as a hanger and thinks she is ready to do anything without caring about her self-respect. Amrita thinks she needs this job so she will do anything. Shekhar brings mores clothes so Virat asks Amrita to get them packed and billed.

Bhavani tells Jahan that I can’t believe Ishika would be such a selfish girl. Jahan says Jay was always selfish and he was never loyal to you. He had a black heart and you have to realize that.

Amrita asks the receptionist to pack the clothes and goes to call Bhavani. Babita arrives there with Nimrit and is giving her tips to run her inlaws house on her commands. Nimrit checks some clothes and likes what Virat had already bought. Nimrit asks the receptionist to give it to her but she says someone has already bought it. Nimrit sees its Amrita and says you? Babita says you don’t have a job and you are standing in such an expensive store? she checks prices and the bill, she says Virat’s name is written on it? she asks Amrita if she was using Virat’s name? I won’t spare you now.

Bhavani is waiting for Amrita and says its late now. Harsh gets a call and says what? don’t lie. He tells Bhavani that someone said Amrita got arrested but it must be a lie. Bhavani gets a call from police station and says your daughter got arrested because she was caught stealing from the credit card of her boss. Bhavani says this must be a mistake. The officer tells her to bring her lawyer to free her.

The episode ends.