Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 8th July 2024 Written Episode Update: Jahan gets injured

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Scene 1
Sanju says to Virat come clean now. He says you are my wife, help me out. She smiles. Virat says in his heart I wanted to see this smile. He leaves.

Deepika asks Nimrit why are you wearing goggles in the house? Nimrit says I have eye flu. Dildar says let me call the doctor. Rajiv says I got the medicine. Dildar says let me see. Nimrit says no you will get it too. Babita asks her to go to her room. Dildar asks Rajiv to take her food there.

Virat says what happened with Amruta and her family was so wrong. Amruta comes out. she says what are you doing in my building? He says walking. She says you can walk into your building. He says this is mine too. Amruta says I was taking food for HArsh. He says I can drop you. he takes her. Virat says you are calm and smart but your brother gets angry like me. He got stuck in a relationship like me. She says he has a pure heart like love. His mistake was that he blindly trusted his love. He didn’t know the reality of the girl. He says I also loved the wrong person. I can understand. it can’t happen to you. You don’t have time to love anyone. She looks at him in anger. Virat plays the songs.

Scheme 2
Babita comes to Nimrit’s room. She gives Rajiv 10 lacs to take Nimrit for shopping. She says fix your mood. Babita hugs Nimrit and says enjoy with your husband. Nimrit takes off her glasses. She has an injured eye.

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Amruta makes Harsh eat. He asks why is isha doing all this. Amruta asks how did you meet her? She says Mitali made me meet her. How can she be less than 18? She was in my college. Amruta says don’t worry. We will figure something out.

Priyanka says to Isha well done. Don’t tell anyone about this plan. She says I’ve mastered this game. Priyanka says that’s why I paid you. She says Harsh’s career will be destroyed. Virat says Harsh I know you don’t like me. The case is very serious. But we need to know all the details. Hartalish tells them he met her at Jahan’s place with Mitali when they went to Goa. The constable says the meeting time is over.

Virat meets the lawyer. He says if we can’t prove Harsh’s innocence he will never be a doctor.

Scene 3
Amruta comes out of the house. Jahan steps out, she slips there. There is too much trash outside. Amruta and Bhavani pick her up. they say we have to go to a doctor. Amruta says we have to go from here once Harsh is out. The lawyer calls Virat and says the girl’s information is with me. It shows she is under 18. Virat sees the trash outside their place.

Episode ends

Precap: Amruta is annoyed rubbthe ing name written outside the house. Virat stops and says you will hurt yourself, calm down the name is no more on the wall, it’s done and you were right I should go because with me you won’t be happy and he walks away.

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