Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 6th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Virat gets Amrita’s job back

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Scene 1
Amrita thinks about what Bhavani told her. Bhavani said don’t worry about it. Talk to your dad, he’ll help you. She said in return he’d ask me to accept Ishika and go against you. I would never do that. I will fight alone. Bhavani says to take Gautam’s help. He likes you a lot. Amrita says why would he help me? He doesn’t even know me well. They got me blacklisted everywhere. Please show me a way. she sees Virat running on the track. Amrita goes after him and says sir please listen. Please, sir. He says keep running. She says I need your job. I am in a lot of trouble. They both collide. Amrita says sorry. He says you always say that. He says now you realize you can’t mess with me. Amrita says sorry. He says don’t make mistakes if saying sorry is so difficult. She says what I said on Yatch was wrong. He says what about your brother insulting my mom? She says he was defending himself. He says now we’re lying? She says we are under a lot of stress. He says don’t stop running. Amrita says I know you love your family a lot and you can’t see them in any trouble. I understand because I love my family a lot too. If I lose my job we’d become homeless. We’d lose everything. Where would I go with them? My brother will have to leave his education. Everything will be over. He says you should have thought about that before trespassing our terrace, before misbehaving with my mom, before accusing us of dowry. Too late. Amrita says we didn’t know it was your private property. The dowry thing is true. Think about it. If the press or police find out, what would happen? It can get you in jail. I have all the proofs and details. Virat says seriously? Amrita says please return my job. Does Virat say you’re blackmailing me? Amrita says you’re not understanding me. He says I am. Amrita says if you don’t get me my job back I will tell everyone about the dowry. Virat is shocked. He leaves in anger. Amrita says what was I thinking? I was threatening Virat Ahuja?

Amrita gets a call from her boss. He says Mr. Virat is on conference call with me. Virat is on call in front of Amrita. He says Mr. Manager return Amrita her job back but I have a condition. She will only manage my account. she will remain my manager. She will always be present whenever me and my family need her work. If she’s okay with that condition, you can return her job. Do you agree? She says yes. Amrita says for my family I’d agree to anything. She says I can be your slave for my family.

Scene 2
Amrita comes home. She says I did my promise. I know you’re so hurt. The man you gave your whole life for took everything from under your feet. I will not back down. I have to bring your smile back even if I have to walk on pricks.

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Virat tells Shekhar she was accusing us of dowry and was saying she will expose us. I will tell her who I am. Shekhar says calm down. If Babita finds out she is now your manager she will get so angry. He says she thinks she won. I can’t see tears in Nimrit’s eyes so I had to stop her. She will leave her job herself in 24 hours.

Someone comes to Jahan’s house. Amrita comes in. She brings ice cream. She says I got my job back. Bhavani asks how. She says that doesn’t matter. I got it back. Bhavani says I don’t want you to do any sacrifice. Amrita says trust me.  It’s not just your job to sacrifice. Babita says this is Mr. Mehta, our new secretary. Ishiak comes. Babita says look at her. she was nothing and since we held her hand she became so successful. Ishika says I got some designs for Nimrit’s new house. She shows them the designs. Babita says I don’t want to see those low-class people anymore. She says you and ishika have to ask what I do. Virat sees Chandan doing ups and downs. He asks him to clean the room. Virat says everything will be fine. Babita says I am glad you got that girl fired. Virat asks Mr. Mehta to sit. Babita says no he has to go. Babita asks who is our new account manager? Bebe says we will give him bonus.

Scene 3
Amrita gets food ready. Bhavani says to Jahan things are fixing now. Bhavani says I know you miss your kids did so much. They’re busy in America. Jahan says I called Gautam and hsif family tomorrow. We will make an excuse of Jayesh’s absence. Bhavnai says we can’t hide the truth. Jahan says then Amrita can tell Gautam the truth alone. Then he can handle his family. Bhavani says to Amrita we’ve to tell Gautam’s family but how. Amrita says we shouldn’t hide the truth. Bhavani says you’ve to explain to Gautam so he can see your good and your talent not your aai who couldn’t handle her own marriage. Your mom is a loser. Amrita says don’t say that. It’s dad’s loss not yours. She hugs him.

Shekhar ask what will you do? Virat says nothing. He calls Amrita at night. Harsh says is this an alarm. Amrita is shocked to see Virat’s call. She says yes sir? He says I need my bank manager. She says but it’s midnight. He says I work at night. Any problem? Be here in 10 minutes. You know the way.

Episode ends

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