Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 29th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Babita insults Amrita

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Scene 1
Amrita starts her work. Her brother Harsh video calls her. She says what is Gautam doing there? he wants to take credit on my parent’s anniversary? I am stuck here. She calls Harsh. Harsh says he’s impressing Mom a lot. He asks what are you doing there? She is paying the dowry. These rich people call dowry gifts. I can only transfer. I hate dowry. They act smart and call it shopping. I feel so bad for that girl. She’s so nice but being accepted because of her dowry? Her parents are selling her. Harsh asks what are they paying? She says I can’t tell the amount. Harsh asks what if Gautam asks for dowry? She says I will kick him out. I hate such greedy people. I called off engagement with Ankit because of dowry. Everyone hears it in shock. She says I hate dowry. I will slap you if you ask your future wife. That girl is so nice but her in-laws are so cheap. She spoke to me nicely and her family is selling her because they think she has some shortcomings. These people have shortcomings. If police find out they will go to jail.

Babita shouts and asks her to come upstairs. She says how dare you. Virat was in the room. Babita says throw this girl. Virat says she’s from the bank. Babita says how dare she speak against us. Amrita says I am sorry ma’am I know I overspoke. She says who are you worth speaking about us? She says sit here and transfer the money. Sit on the floor, that’s your worth. Write what I am asking. 2.5 crores. Nimrit’s fiance says it’s okay. If anyone questions my family we don’t need it. Babita says we will file a case against her. Who’s she to question us? She will pay for her mistake. Babita breaks her laptop. She says I can pay for it. But I won’t do this. I want you to show this to your manager and show your broken laptop and self-respect. Pick it. Virat feels bad. Babita stops her. Nimrit’s fiance says we never asked for dowry. His mom says she accused us so much. Virat says dowry? Is that what she said?

Virat says to Amrita is that what you accused us of? She says I am sorry. Everyone got hurt because of me. Rajiv says this function is over. Amrita says I am very sorry. Please don’t punish your fiance like this because of my mistake. Rajiv says I can’t let anyone insult my parents like this. Virat says let’s sit and talk. Babita says first throw this dirt out. She insulted us. She’s to pay for it. she said we’re criminals and cheap. Our dogs eat better than her. What’s her worth and her dad’s? he says don’t take my dad’s name. Babita says shame on such a family. Babita says you insulted our family so we will insult yours. What does your cheap dad do? Bebe says must be living on her salary. Babita says that’s why he sends her to these parties so she traps rich guys. Amrita says please stop it. Don’t drag my parents. You don’t even know them. My dad is an MBA and a gold medalist. He started his business when he was 18. What do you even know about me? My dad taught me to speak against wrong and hence I said this. I came here to work and I shouldn’t have said that. But you broke my laptop. She says I should break your phone too. Who would want to marry a girl like you? That’s why you’re still single. Virat says let it be Mom. Babita says I will say what I want. She says I am sure your dad can’t even afford your dowry. So she is here to trap a rich guy. Amrita says enough. You’re nothing in front of my mom. My date hates dowry. he hates people who call it a roka gift and shopping money. Babita says shut up. Get out of here.

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Amrita runs downstairs. Virat runs to save her. She plays an emergency flare. Babita says now the police will come and we will have a fine in our name. Virat holds her hand to stop her. He says what did you do? She says I should’ve done this when you pulled me on this boat and the manager sent me here to transfer the dowry. Yes, that’s what was happening here. Your mom was transferring the dowry. He says enough. I can’t hear a word against my mom. She says I can’t hear a word against my dad either.

Scene 2
Amrita comes home. Ishika comes outside as well. The idol falls from Ishika’s hand. They both hold it together. Amrita says God saves us all. We just have to find the right path. Ishika says in their heart what a coincidence.

Babita is angry. She says I won’t leave her. Virat asks her to calm down. She says to make sure she’s fired. virat says don’t give her so much importance. Who is she even? Dildar says forget about it. Babita says do you realize how bad things go. Babita says what if Rajiv hurts Nimrit. Virat says I studied with him. He will keep Nimrit happy. I’ve sent them sorry gifts. He says everything will be fine.

Amrita asks Ishika do you need help? She says no I am good. Amrita asks are you new in this building? She says I was with someone for years now I will start living with him. Amrita says that should be celebrated. You should celebrate with our family. We’ve my parent’s anniversary today. Do come and celebrate with us.

Virat tells his family there is a surprise for everyone. he plays Ishika’s video. She says hello Ahujas. They’re happy to see her. Ishika hugs her dad and says get ready. he says to eat first. She says I will leave this job when I launch my app. Ishika says to Ahujas on video call that your new house is ready. Babita gets very happy. Ishika shows them the whole apartment. She’s set up the whole penthouse for them. Bhavani comes. Amrita says you look so good aii. She says you also go and get ready. Wht will people say. jayesh says never think about your daughter. The client called her on boat, she was stuck there. Do you have any idea? You never think beyond your own drama. What to cook, what will people say who saved a penny. don’t think about people who earn in this house like me and my daughter. Bhavani cries and says Amrita you know I was worried for you. I asked you to not go. She says yes aai you did. She says aai asked me to not go. Please don’t get angry. Please smile like a perfect couple. She hugs Bhavani. Jayesh leaves, Amrita holds his hand.

Episode ends

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