Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 28th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Amrita gets on Virat’s yatch party

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Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 28th November 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Virat comes to the college in his car. He throws money outside. Kids pick it up. Amrita asks what kind of man is he. Shekhar (Virat’s PA) says you came from the bank. She says I need to go. He says wait. He looks at Shekhar. Jayesh says to go to his girlfriend you know how much I love you. She says divorce Amrita then. He says I love you a lot. I will do what you ask.

Virat meets his friends. Amrita tries to talk to him. He speaks to the journalists. Amrita tries to speak to him. Virat tells the media about his roka. Shekhar says to give him time. She says I can’t wait any more. I have to go. Amrita says I can’t wait anymore. Virat goes to talk to his mom. She runs after him. Virat gets on his boat. Amrita slips and she falls on the boat too. Amrita tells to Shekhar stop the boat. I need to go home. He says we can’t take a turn it’s not a car. You can take Virat’s biometric till then. Amrita says I need to go home.

Virat looks at Amrita. Amrita calls her dad. He picks up. He’s with his gf. Amrita says papa I am stuck on a boat. I can’t see you. He cuts the call. Shikha says just tell her directly and divorce her mom.  Amrita wondered where her dad was. She says aai would get very angry if baba doesn’t go home today. I am also stuck there. Virat comes to Shikha. He says who invited you? She says you.. He says what? She says no I mean.. Virat’s family cuts the cake. They enjoy the party. Virat goes back to them. Virat parties with his family. He looks at Amrita. She goes to the other side in anger. Virat asks Shekhar who’s this girl? He says she’s the bank manager. he says goo hide her before mom sees her. Shekhar looks for Amrita. Amrit says thank God my family isn’t fake like this.

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Nimrit takes pictures with Virat. Amrita says to Shekhar do something. I need to go home. Shekhar says to have food. we will send you back. She says how can I go? I can’t win swim. He says we have an extra boat.

Scene 2
Aai cooks food for her anniversary. Jayesh comes home. Bhavani asks where were you? He says I had some work. He asks where is Amrita. Bhavani says she’s not coming back. Amrita eats the food. She collides with the groom’s family. amrita hears them talking about the dowry. Amrita is shocked to hear. Amrita asks Nimrit you wanna eat something? you look so good. Nimrit thanks her. Shekhar tells Virat she’s from the bank. She came here for biometric verification. He says why is she at th e party? Babita comes and says Virat attended the party. We need to transfer some amount to the shekhawts. He says for what? SHe says just for Nimrit’s shipping. She says in her heart I can’t tell him about the dowry demand. Virat collides with Amrita. She says your formalities, I have to go home. He says to eat first. Then we will talk.

Bhavani arranges the things. She says to her relatives uncle will come at night. A guy helps her. He says you can ask me for anything. Her friend says she’s the perfect guy for Amrita.
Babita says to Amrita transfer the amount in Shekhawat’s account. There should be no mistake. They’re guy’s family. Harsh calls Amrita. He asks what re you doing there? She says transferring dowry. these rick people call it gift and not dowry. Everyone hears it.

Episode ends

Update Credit to Atiba