Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 21st December 2023 Written Episode Update

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Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 21st December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Amrita says please call the bank and ask them to release my salary. He says you compromised you will get the money. She says I’ve 30 months’ notice so you’ll have to tolerate me. I came here for money only and made me do all this. Apologize for things I didn’t do. He says you made a mistake. Amrita leaves in anger. Jay says to Amrita this is what you’re doing here. Amrita says I chose my mom over you. Don’t question anything.

Harsh brings Bhavani home. Amrita says we’ve arranged the money. There should be no shortcomings in Aai’s treatment. Amrita says to Bhavani we’ve to take care of each other. You’ve to eat your medicine on time. Bhavani says where do you get so much strength. Amrita says you give us strength. We have to be strong for each other. They hug her.

Scene 2
Ishika designed the event for Nimrit. She says I hope Amrita doesn’t come. Virat says she won’t come. Relax. Nimrit says I want her to come. I have to pay her back. I have to insult her the way she insulted us. Babita says we don’t need to have her here at our elite party. Nimrit says you taught me to teach people a lesson. Virat says we don’t wanna create a scene. Nimrit says I want her to pay back for what she did. Babita says to call her. Nimrit says I want her to be insulted. Babita says she’s doing all this for money. Virat calls Amrita nad says be here in an hour.

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Scene 3
The event starts. Ishika says the girl who had to serve drinks isn’t here. Virat says Amrita will do it. Ishika says yes she can do it. Ishika says to Amrita you’ve to welcome the guests with drinks and snacks. Virat says now she will say I am an independent girl. Virat asks Amrita to go and change. She asks where. Virat says you can change here. Shekhar says she’s a banker, not a server. Virat says she’s not saying no. Why do you care? He says she can do anything for money. She will do whatever I ask.

Amrita gets ready. She says I look so cool. Amrita takes her photo. Her zip gets stuck. Virat says urry up. she says send a girl for help. Shekhar says who’d help her here. Amrita says I need help. He says don’t make excuses to waste time. virat comes in. She says what are you doing here. He says you’re wasting time. You’re all ready. What help do you need. Virat sees her zip open. He gets shocked. He goes out. Amrita says go. Virat turns off the light. He says I can do it. Virat fixes her zip. He says end your notice period soon and leave.

Virat comes with Ishika. they’re shocked to see her.

Episode ends

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