Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 20th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Amrita apologizes to Rajiv

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Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 20th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Amrita says I need that job but I won’t sell my self-respect for that. If I apologize to him his accusation would become true. It will be a stain on my self-respect for life. I don’t have money but I have respect I can’t lose him. He says you’re losing time. You’ve 4 minutes. COme downstairs. Amrita goes back in. Jahan screams Bhavani. She’s fainted. amrita asks what happened? Jahan says open your eyes. Harsh brings water. Amrita says she didn’t take medicine on time. Harsh says we dodn’t even have a BP  machine. Virat waits for Amrita in anger. He says if Nimrit’s marriage gets broken because of you I won’t be able to tolerate it.. She has to come now. Dr. Sinha asks Virat is hiss mom better. He says yes. Dr. Sinha goes upstairs. Hs says she needs dialysis. She came last year for a check-up. SHe never came after that. She told me she would be going to another doctor. Sinha says Jayesh didn’t take her elsewhere. Jahan says why does she do this? He says let me call the ambulance.

Harsh checks Bhavani’s account. It has zero balance. Amrita says dad also had named it. Aai saved all this money and my savings. He took out everything. The doctor says to keep 60k with you. Amrita is worried. Jahna says take a loan on my jewelry. Amrita says I will arrange the money. You all go to the hospital. Virat waits for Amrita. Shekhar asks what ar you doing here? He says Amrita has to apologize to Rajiv’s family. She will lose her job. Shekhar says how can you do that? You’ve become so unfair. He says I am very fair. That’s what I ma paying for. THat woman took everything from me. I have to return my family’s happiness. I will do whatever it takes. Shekhar says she won’t come. Virat says she will have to come. Amrita comes to Jayesh’s place.

Scene 2
Ishika says to Jayesh Amrita is doing such weird things. Ahuja’s hate her. Amrita comes and hugs Jay. She cries. Jay asks what happened. She says aai. Ishika says she’s not a child. Why did you come here after what you did with Rajiv? Amrita says baba aai isn’t well. Her condition is critical. We need to take her to the hospital. Ishika says don’t say such things to save her from divorce. We just met her, and she was fine. Amrita says she needs dialysis. Dr. Solanki said he told you. Ishika says don’t accuse your dad. We don’t have time. Amrita says I am talking to my dad. Ishika says you come for your benefit only. Ishika says you only know how to break houses. I tell Harsh to not blame you but our dad because he was committed. But you’re too bad. you keep poisoning him. Amrita says baba I need money for aai’s treatment. She’s not well. ishika says now I know why were you getting close to Rajiv. Shame on you. Amrita says mind your words. Poeple like you don’t trust women and call any woman characteless. He’s the lyihng. He’s characterless. SHame on you. You’re disgusting. Jayesh says just shut up. Don’t raise your voice on Ishika. Amrita says I need your help. Aai isn’t well. We need to admit her. He says you do a job. Manage is yourself. Ishika syas you paid 22 lacs for society. Jay says apologize to her. Amrita says I wont. Jayesh says then don’t keep any hope from me. Amrita syas I wont. i need my FD money. he says it was of both ofus. Amrita says without telling me. He says did you tell me where did you get 22 lacs from? Did I ask yo? Amrita says aai isn’t well. Jayesh says she’s lying. Ishika says first you lost your character for money and now this drama. Amrita leaves. ishika says see she left in such attitude. Jay says I didn’t pay because I know Bhavani is doing all this but if you ever question my daughter’s character I won’t tolerate it. Ishika says I am saying what happened at Ahuja’s. Jay asks what happened there? She leaves.

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Scene 2
Virat comes back home. He says what will I tell Nimrit? I failed them. Nimrit opens the door. She says you came? Rajiv and his family are waiting for you. Amrita calls for loan. Her boss says we can’t do anything until we get any approval from Ahuja’s. Harsh says aai’s life is in danger. He says I can sell my bike. Amrita realizes something and rushes out.

Nimrit says to Virat tell them that girl is coming to apologize. Babita asks Virat is it done? Nimrit says is she coming? Virat says she.. Amrita says I am here. She says I am sorry. I got late. Amrita says what happened was wrong. It shouldn’t have, I am sorry. Jayesh and Ishika come there. Babita syas apologize clearly. Rajiv makes Amrita fall, she falls in his knees. Rajiv asks are you okay? You didn’t have to fall in our feet. I had no intention of forgiving you. Don’t repeat this mistake again. They sa they are ready for the wedding. Rajiv’s dad says never do such mistake again. His mom say stay away from our son. Amrita looks at Rajiv in anger, he winks. They leave. Babita says I am so proud of you. They all hug and get happy. Amrita says to Virat I am resigning from my job. He says why don’t you need money? She says I do but bank isn’t releasing my salary and they wont’ until you tell them you’re satisfied with me. He says os you said sorry for money? She syas it’s your favorite topic. You rihc people can pretend to not care about money. It’s a need for us. We don’t pretend. We need money to keep ourselves and our family alive. That’s our truth. So I dd what you asked. Now call the bank and ask them to release my salary. I need it urgently.

Episode ends

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