Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 15th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Babita gets furious witnessing Virat holding Amrita

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Amrita is standing y the window when she asks her mother to also apply the Gajra on her hair, she asks Amrita to not leave without having the breakfast, Amrita sits on the chair when she gets a call from Virat who asks her to come here as he needs her support, Virat turns to see his entire family staring at him so he immediately tells Amrita that he needs her for some financial work. Amrita immediately gets up while her mother keeps asking where is she going, Virat after ending the call wonders why did she still agree for the job and what might be the reason behind it. Bhawani calls Amrita saying that she did not have her breakfast and what about her health, Amrita leaves saying everything is fine.

Nirmat is sitting in front of the desk when Babita tells her that this necklace belongs to their family which is for her, Nimrat asks Dadi to see it who says that this is looking very good on her while she got worried if it would look good due to her dark tone so she suggests they should gift it to Nimrit, Babita agrees saying that even the grooms family should know they love Nimrit a lot, Nirmat is shocked telling Babita that she told her that the ritual is fulfilled by the brother and sister in law but Virat is still a bachelor. Dadi asks Nimrit to not be worried as in a lot of families the groom’ side performs the ritual, Babita is glad as the Shekwats would also attend the function and witness how the Ahuja’s perform the festival, Dadi says she knew Babita would do something different but had no idea what it would be about, Babita replies she has not done anything by herself and just doing what Guru jee told her as today the girl who is going to be the partner of Virat will enter in this house.

Amrita enters the house of Virat saying that she would politely ask him why he did not fire her from the job, the worker comes asking Amrita where should he put the dupatta. Babita asks the worker to place all of the gifts here, she tells Nimrit that if today the wedding of Virat is fixed then her future sister in law would make her wear it. Amrita wonders where should she put the dupatta. Nimrit tells Babita that it is her wedding and Virat would get all the attention when she leaves, Dadi asks Babita if she could not wait till the wedding of Nimrit had ended, Babita replies that she feels Virat should also settle down, she is also worried because the girl from the A wing is always roaming around Virat. Dadi asks her to not be worried as she is not of Virat’s type, and she would not be able to enter the place which has no entry. Amrita reaches the door of the room, after taking a deep breath calls Babita who is furious seeing her, Amrita explains that the worker gave her the dupatta, Babita angrily walks to her taking the dupatta from her hand, she asks Amrita to go and check the decorations but Amrita replies she is a banker and can help them in anything they need, Babita orders her to go and find the expense at the function as they need to ask fifty percent of it from the groom’s family which if they donot give then they would file the case, Babita angrily returns back to the room explaining Amrita touched the dupatta which should only be touched by the mother of the bride, she exclaims she does not like it while Dadi is thinking.

Virat enters the house when he is amazed seeing the decoration and asks what flowers have they used for the decoration, the worker says that these flowers donot have the scent but Virat is amazed by the scent and explains it is getting stronger, the worker points to Amrita saying he would be moved by the scent of her Gajra, Virat keeps staring at Amrita but then scolds the worker who laves, he asks Shekar to get an appointment with the doctor since he would otherwise get mad. Shekar is standing when Amrita comes asking what should she do, Shekar says that she has to look after the decoration on the terrace when Amrita replies that she is a banker and should do the work that fits her profile but Shekar replies these are the orders of Babita so Amrita leaves, Virat angrily comes mentioning they both should get themselves checked at the hospital, Shekar is confused.

Nimrit is coming with the entire family when Virat comes and is shocked seeing her, he exclaims she is looking very pretty so asks Dadi to at least fulfill the ritual, Dadi realizes she forgot it when Virat performs it and praises Nimrit for looking very beautiful so takes a selfie, Shekar stops them from walking further and reveals the surprise decoration seeing which everyone is stunned, Virat mentions that they should start the dance amongst the celebration, Nirmit is standing in the middle with Babita and her father while the rest of the family are dancing around them enjoying the celebration.

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Rajiv enters with his family so they go to welcome them when Virat asks them to come inside.

Amrita is standing when she asks the decorator if the bill has been finalized, she is checking the bill but is a bit dizzy, Amrita then calls Shekar who asks if everything is fine, she says that she will go have some water as she is a bit dizzy when Shekar orders Madhun to bring a glass of water for Amrita, he leaves assuring that Madhun will come with the water.

Madhun is pouring the water, Dadi comes asking who is he taking the water for her, Dadi sees Amrita but then scolds Madhun asking if he did not realize in which glass the servants of their house drink the water, she says that Madhun should give her the water in the glass of steel. Amrita asks Madhun to also have the water as he would be thirsty but Madhun replies he is fine however Amrita says that she will also get some blessings, Shekar stops Amrita when she says that it si fine and after drinking the water asks Madhun to rest, she says that in their family they donot worry about the status and it is a lot better if they drink the water in the metal glass, but this can only be understood by those who are educated.

Shekar calls Virat when he points to Amrita explaining she does not seem fine, because she has still not recovered from what happened to her last night, Virat says that she got back the job and cannot leave without the orders of his mother, Shekar explains that she is actually not well when Virat sends him away telling there is a lot of work in the function.

Amrita is sitting working when the workers bring the tray of food asking her to stand up but she refuses, Virat asks if she would refuse him so she gets tensed then he orders her to clear the table, Amrita asks what is all this when she refuses to serve the food to the guests, he explains that he knows she is a baker and so wants her to first taste the food before it is served to the guests, Amrita is not ready to do it, Virat explains she cannot leave from here without the orders of his mother and they both need each other. Virat suggests what Amrita should try first, he finally picks the glass of juice when she asks if she would check it has poison in it, Virat explains that he is the one training her and she gets a hiccup, Virat explains they have to also drink water while eating, he thinks that she would not die of hunger as then she would have attacked him. Virat is staring at Amrita who drinks the water, he leaves when she starts looking at him.

Babita greets Mr and Misses Kholi who introduce their daughter Sanjana, Babita is not able to stop praising her when Sanjana says that even Babita is looking very pretty when she says that the taste of Ahuja’s is very spectacular. Misses Kholi appreciates that Babita invited them to the function of her daughter when she says they have not met her son Virat and would surely like him, they start searching for him.

Amrita asks the workers to rest as she will handle everything here, she thinks she should thank Virat since she got to eat while tasting the food, Virat says that she is a selfish girl so a lot of people would have said it to her, he says that he has done a lot for her but she did not even thank him. Amrita asks what should she thank him because he got her drunk and forced her to do the work which she is not experienced to do, Amrita slips from the ladder, she is about to fall when Virat catches her but the decoration gets spoiled. Amrita is just looking at Virat who is also staring at her, Babita asks them to come as she would arrange a meeting with her son Virat, Babita is furious to see Virat holding Amrita but is forced to control her emotions.