Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 14th December 2023 Written Episode Update

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Kaise Mujhe Tum Mil Gaye 14th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Amrita asks Virat what is she doing in his room. Virat says to Amrita that she was drunk after drinking free alcohol and argues with Amrita if she can’t handle herself after drinking why did she get drunk. Amrita says she doesn’t drink alcohol.

Dadi comes to Virat’s room and knocks on his door. Virat hides Amrita in his wardrobe and allows Dadi into his room. Dadi says to Virat that she sized his grandfather’s Sherwani to his side and asks Virat to try it out. Virat agrees and goes into the wardrobe. Amrita asks Virat not to do it. Virat still changes his shirt right in front of Amrita as he doesn’t have a choice. Virat wears the Sherwani and shows it to Dadi.

Dadi thinks of her husband looking at Virat wearing the Sherwani.

Babita at the dining table asks Nimrit not to eat carbs until the marriage. Rajiv comes to Ahuja’s house. Dadi asks the servant to give lemon juice to Virat as he is speaking to himself. Rajiv understands that Amrita is still in Ahuja’s house. Rajiv decides to take his revenge on Amrita.

Rajiv sees Virat and Amrita going towards the terrace. Rajiv calls for Virat. Rajiv also gets Ahuja’s attention asking who is with Virat. The Ahuja family get shocked seeing Amrita with Virat.

Virat seeing that they have no choice. Virat and Amrita come to Ahuja’s. Rajiv acts as if he is worried about Virat and says to Virat that he should tell the truth to his family. Rajiv says to Babita that Amrita blackmailed Virat and took a lot of money from Virat. Rajiv also says Amrita came here last night.

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Babita asks Amrita what is she doing here. Amrita says she is Virat’s banking relationship manager and Virat called her that’s why he called her here. Virat asks Shekhar to drop Amrita at the A wing.

Virat after that explains to his family that he gave Amrita her job back and she called her last night. Babita says she is disappointed and asks Virat to fire Amrita from her job right away.

Amrita thinks Virat will not fire her from her job if he took her threat seriously.

Ishika comes to Amrita and comments on Amrita saying she completely became shameless after being with her mother. Amrita argues with Ishika and asks Ishika to never comment on her mother.

Virat says to Babita that he didn’t have a choice beside giving Amrita her job back as if he didn’t do that Amrita might have gone to the media calling her pre engagement gift as Dowry. Babita asks Virat why did he give money to Amrita. Virat says he gave money to Amrita to settle the case as he was the one who gave credit card to Amrita. Babita asks Virat how much money did Amrita take from him. Virat says it’s Rs 22.5 lakhs. Dadi says to Babita that this is the same amount that she demanded from the A wing to repair it. Dadi decides to teach a lesson to Amrita and asks Virat to keep Amrita busy.

Amrita hopes that she will not lose her job. Amrita sleeps in Bhavani’s lap.

Precap: Virat calls Amrita and says come fast I need your help. Amrita is standing on the ladder, her leg slips and Virat saves her by holding her in his hands. Everyone sees them together again. Babita thinks I have to stop this.