Kaamna 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update: Akanksha feels embarrassed in front of her co workers because of Manav

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The rehearsals have started, the directors ask everyone to turn to page four, he questions who will read the script, then asks Akanksha to read it, she starts in a low pitched voice because of nervousness, the director after some time asks her to raise her voice since he is not able to hear her so how would the audience, she asks for a glass of water and drinks it all, they all are watching her when she even asks for another glass, apologizing to Maya who assures there is nothing to be worried about, Vibhav Kapoor sitting beside explains there is nothing to be worried about, she should try to speak a little louder after which Vibhav Kapoor sits beside her, assuring he would accompany her.

Vibhav claps for Akanksha asking the director if it is fine, the director gives the sign to start the rehearsal, Akanksha is playing her part with the co-star, Manav sits in the chairs, trying to praise her but she after seeing him feels really tensed because he warned her to not work with Vibhav Kapoor, her voice starts to tremble and she is not able to deliver the dialogues properly, the director starts getting sceptical about her performance, he announces for a break ordering them to bring a glass of water, the director leaves when Vibhav Kapoor is with the reporters who ask if he is changing his business line from construction to theatre, Vibhav replies that he knew they will ask this question, he asks if they like dogs when the reporters assure they do however he replies that he doesnot like them since they sometimes tend to get even more close with the owners who also start to feel uncomfortable, he asks for some time alone so Ranay sends them all outside.

Akanksha is standing, Maya coming questions why did she call Manav here as this would create a lot of problem, Akanksha once again starts the rehearsal but she is not able to concentrate, the director notices it so questions what is he doing here as he is distracting his actor, Manav tries to explain himself but the director doesnot listen to him, Vibhav Kapoor in the corner says this is what happens when they tend to come to a place where they do not belong, and this is where they meet the bulldog, he exclaims he would have to raise the salary of the director. Manav explains that he doesnot know since Manav is the husband of Akanksha however the director says this is his rehearsal hall and here no one is the husband or son but just his actors, Manav explains that he is the director so is actually the teacher and it is their job to teach their students, he should try and be nice with the actors. Manav is forced to leave after which Akanksha apologizes to the director who also gets mad.

Manav is sitting with the bowl when Yatharth comes greeting him, Manav explains he has prepared the noodles for him, Yatharth replies this is the third time he is eating the noodles, Manav asks him to think of butter paneer and it is their thought which makes them believe it, however Yatharth is not able to find it amusing so tends to make faces while eating.

Manav explains that Akanksha has come on the right time since Yatho was constantly asking about her, he leaves to change since then they will go to the mall, Akanksha explains that he did not come on the right time since because of his arrival she had to face a lot of humiliation, she questions if he doesnot trust her anymore as it felt that he came to spy on her, Manav replies he trusts her the most but came to see if Vibhav Kapoor was with her, Akanksha replies that he is the producer of this show so would be surely present, Manav assures he just desired to be around her, she questions how would he feel if she came to sit in front of him at his office, Manav replies both the jobs are different to which Akanksha say the biggest difference is their salary, as by next year she would be paying the equivalent of his salary in tax, Yatharth comes asking if they should leave but Akanksha replies they cannot go to the mall now since she is busy, Manav questions what does she need to do since she just came back from rehearsal, Akanksha explains she needs to go to a dance rehearsal as it is a musical show, Manav questions if she works like this then how would she be able to manage the house, Akanksha explains that she is getting five million for her role so needs to do justice.

Yatharth sits back on the sofa with a depressed heart, Manav asks him to call his partner Vinay since the three of them are going to go to the mall, Yatharth exclaims that he is the best father, they both hug each other when Yatharth leaves to call Vinay.

In the night Vibhav texts Akanksha saying that he found out that there was a fight between Alokda and Manav, she says that he is a bit upset with him as Alokda got a little rude, Vibhav asks if he should ask Alokda to apologize but Akanksha replies that there is no need since she has talked with Manav who assured he would not come unannounced to the rehearsals, Akanksha smiles while replying to Vibhav, saying that she is thankful that he liked it, Manav questions if she replied to the contractor since he was asking for the marbles which will be placed in the kitchen, Akanksha questions why can he not select something since it is also his house but Manav replies that she said that he doesnot have any ownership of the house since she saved it from Pathan when Akanksha asks him to not think about it as he needs to make some decisions, Manav questions how can he manage it all besides his work. Akanksha leaves without listening to him, Manav exclaims that his family has become a drama.

Akanksha is practicing the dance which is going really well, the director mentions that they will perform a play after the break so they all must come back before five pm, Akanksha is sitting when the co-star who offers her money but she refuses, he starts complimenting her on the stamina mentioning that she surely has a passion because he felt like it, Vibhav is not able to bear that someone else is trying to flirt with her, he explains that he is really amazed and asks who was the person that came to their rehearsal, she replies that he is her husband and they even have a six years old son, he doesnot believe it after which she starts coughing so he gives her some water, she starts drinking it but Vibhav in anger crushes the bottle in his hand.

Precap: Yatharth is shocked to find the house locked, he asks the lady to call his mother but Akanksha doesnot attend an unknown number, Yatharth sleeps while sitting Infront of the house, Manav is shocked to see him lying on the front of the door, Manav questions how can she forget to take care of their son, Akanksha replies that she was working for the money which Vibhav Kapoor gave her and she used to pay Pathan the amount he took, Manav in anger warns her to not take the name of Vibhav Kapoor in this house.