Junooniyat 9th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Jordan says he won’t divorce Ilahi


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Scene 1
Jahan throws the phoene in anger. He says I will break Jordan’s hands. How dare he hit Ilahi. He left her in the jungle. Baljeet tries to calm him down. Jahan says he need to be taught a lesson. Let me go.I will show him what a coward he is. Baljeet says stop for Ilahi. If you go there people will only question Ilahi’s character. Jahan says promised to always protect her. I can’t let herr be there to be beaten by Jordan. You know how Jordaan and Mahip are. They can do anything with Ilahi. I have to save her. Baljeet says didn’t you hear? She’s asked for divorce. She’s learned to fight her battle. If you go there people will call you the reason of divorce.

Husna says to Amar why did you let Ilahi go alone? Amar says she wants to fight her battle alone. Husna says they will convince her to not divorce her. Biji says what? Divorce? Amar says Ilahi has gone there to ask for divorce. She says what kind of parents are yo? Ginni says society won’t let Ilahi live. Amar says I can let her live in her hell. Her safety and happiness it the most important for me. Jahan says please papa. I’ve to go there. I understand but my heart is sinking. Baljeet says your love will become herr power. He asks Jahan to drop Inder home.

Scene 2
Ilahi comes out of Mehta house. Jordan comes in her way. Ilahi says I don’t want more drama. He says you think only you can do drama? You thought you can scare me with these papers and I will beg you? I am not weak. You will see the drama. You’re my passiion. He makes a cricle around her. He says you can’t get out of my circle. Jahan drives in anger. Inder looks at him. Jahan recalls what Bau ji said. Inder asks are you okay? Jordan says these papers you were creating a scene on and thinking they will free you up? He tears them and throws them on her. ahan drives in anger. Jordan says you wont’ get out of this marriage. You can do whatever you want. Ilahi says I will send you the new papers tomorrow. I will not live with you at any cost. I am more stubborn than you. Ilahi leaves. Jordan and inder come there. Jordan sees Ilahi leaving. Inder asks Jahan would you need meet bebe bau ji? Jahan says you know what my dad said. Inder says thank you for making me meet my brother. Jahan says here are you medicines, please go in and rest. Mahip says this girl has too much ego. We will break it up. Jahan looks at Ilahi. He recalls what Baljeet said.

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Amar waits for Ilahi. He says Husna I am responsible for ilahi’s condition. Husna says don’t blame yourself. He says that day if I trusted Ilahi and waited a little for Jahan, this won’t have happened. He must have some trouble as well. Mahip did all this. Amr says Jahan is in Chandigarh. He wanted to talk but I beat him up. husna says Jahan loved Ilahi with all his heart. He wont’ let anything happen to Ilahi.

Scene 3
Ilahi takes a auto. Jahan follows her. Ilahi cries in the auto. She recalls Jordaan throwing papers on her. She throws her mangalsutra out, the pearls fall on Jahan’s car. He’s shocked.

Mahip asks Inder how did you get this bruise? He says it’s less than what you did to my family. First took my brother from me and now and now you are breaking Jordan’s marriage. You didn’t even call me. She says bebe called you but you were busy. I will fix everything. Jordan will apologize to Ilahi. I won’t be the reason for their marriage break. I will bring Ilahi back in this house after 3 days. Ilahi comes home. Amar hugs her. Biji says as if she came after a doing a good thing. Ilahi says she wants to rest for a while. Ilahi cries in her room. Jahan parks his car outside. He looks at Ilahi’s room. Ilahi falls asleep.

Scene 4
Ilahi does Riaz in the morning. Amar prays for her strength. He sings with Ilahi. Happy ji brings a flowers for Ginni. some goons come in and break all the things. Biji and everyone try to stop them. They shove Biji. Amar says who are you. He tries to fight with them. The neighbours talk about them outside. Ilahi says I will call the police. Bebe calls Ilahi. She says what? Jordn and Mahip come there.

Episode ends

Precap-Ilahi says these are my house’s papres. He says your dad took a loan on this house so we paid it. If you want it back either pay 10 lacs or come back home. Jahan comes to Ilahi. Ilahi is shocked to see him. She says please don’t be seen here if you care for me.