Junooniyat 8th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Mahi stops Jahaan’s marriage

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The Episode starts with Mahi saying I will tell you the complete truth, you aren’t his love, he just wants to ruin Jordan, he knew Jordan loves you a lot, Jahaan has lied to you and faked love just like he did with Pari. Jahaan says she is lying, I have already told you about Pari, Mahi hates you. Mahi says yes, its true, it was a misunderstanding, when I got to know my son loves Ilahi, I noticed her and learnt she is a nice girl, Jahaan is trapping Ilahi to make her away from Jordan. She scolds Jahaan for framing Jordan. Jahaan shouts enough, you have told a lot, not anymore, its impossible that Ilahi becomes of Jordan, they don’t love each other, she isn’t any toy, she is my love, my life, I love her more than my life. Ilahi cries. Jahaan says I don’t need to prove anything to anyone, I have asked Ilahi’s hand and Amar has agreed, he trusts me and my love, you said I wanted to ruin Jordan, give me a reason, why would I do that.

Ilahi says Jahaan is saying right, we love each other and we are marrying. Jahaan says okay now. He asks Ilahi to come. He asks pandit to read the mantras. Mahi asks them to stop. She says you asked the reason why you hate Jordan and want to snatch everything from him. He says we have no time to hear your lies. Biji says let her say, its about Ilahi’s life. Amar asks Mahi to say. Mahi says truth is, Jahaan didn’t come here himself, his parents have sent him here. Jahaan says please don’t cross your limits.

He shouts and asks her to stop it. He asks how much do you know them. Mahi says I know them better than you, I know everything and also about you, I can give 1000 reasons right away, you hate Jordan because you are his brother. Jahaan is shocked. Mahi says you can’t tolerate his lavish life, you are jealous of him, you are his cousin brother, you have nothing and he has everything. She shows the family pic. Jahaan says Jordan is my brother… He smiles. Mahi says you know why your parents left India and went to Canada, you came back to take revenge for them. He thinks Mehtas are those who I was finding. Mahi says tell them about your parents. Jahaan recalls Baljeet and Dolly refusing to go to India.

He asks the reason, did you guys rob or loot someone. Dolly slaps him and says you won’t ask us again. Baljeet says we got cheated and we can’t go back again. Mahi says his parents did a scam in family business and ran away, Inder and I built the business and reputation again, Baljeet and Dolly didn’t tolerate this, so they have sent Jahaan to take revenge. Ilahi and Amar ask Jahaan is this true. Jahaan cries and says no, it’s a lie, my parents can never do this, Ilahi you spoke to them many times, did you feel they can cheat someone. He asks Amar did you feel they can do wrong. He says if they did scam, then we would have much money, I have seen much struggles in Canada, I wanted to earn money and help them, they live in a small rented house, my dad is a factory’s care taker, is this scammer’s life, they didn’t tell me that I belong to a big family, I took the Gurudwara grant to come to India, I had a dream to win the competition here. He says yes, if this is wrong, then I m a culprit. He sits crying. Ilahi holds him and cries.

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Mahi says wow, what a performance, you should get an Oscar. Ilahi says I request you, please don’t do a drama, Jahaan isn’t wrong. Biji says you don’t know Jahaan. Ilahi says he got to know this now. Ginni asks how is this possible. Dharmender says Jahaan is a nice man. Biji says I won’t let Ilahi marry this fraud. Amar says don’t reach the conclusion so soon. He asks them to stop the drama. Mahi says we will talk here itself, because police arrested my son in front of everyone.

Inder gets Jordan home. Bebe hugs him. Inder asks where did Mahi go. Mahi asks what was Jordan’s mistake, that he loved Ilahi a lot, Jahaan fell so low, its his plan, he has sent Jordan to jail and he is marrying here. She says Jahaan will leave Ilahi here to cry on her fate, he will run away to Canada, like his parents have run away. Jahaan gets angry. Ilahi stops him.

Jahaan says just shut up, don’t drag my parents in this matter. Mahi asks why, can’t you tolerate the truth. He asks what truth, I will tell you the truth, you are doing this drama to fulfil Jordan’s wish, you are ruining my life and marriage, you are blaming my parents, just to fulfil your son’s wish. Jordan says I know mom went to attend Jahaan and Ilahi’s marriage. Inder asks what is she doing there. Jordan says Jahaan is my brother, he isn’t any stranger, he is Baljeet and Dolly’s son. Everyone is shocked.

Bebe asks is this true. Jordan says yes, he is Jahaan Mehta. Ilahi says I don’t care for Jahaan’s connection with Mehta family, we love each other and we want to marry.

Amar says if you are true, then give me a proof, how shall I give my daughter’s hand to you. He asks Husna to take Ilahi inside. Ilahi hugs Jahaan. Amar and Biji separate them.