Junooniyat 8th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Ilahi to divorce Jordan


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Scene 1
Mahip calls Jordan. She says where is Jordan? Why is he not picking the call. Bebe and Bau ji get ready to leave. Mahip asks are you going somewhere? You didn’t eat. Bebe says we’re not hungry. She asks where are you going? Bau ji says to meet Ilahi. Jordan comes home. Mahip asks Jordan where is Ilahi? Jordan says she won’t come. I begged her a lot. I apologized but she said no. Why would she come. she’d focus on her singing career and freedom. She got free from me and my family. Bau ji says let’s go Praskash. We dont’ have time to listen to his rubbish. We will go meet her. Jordan why are you doing this? Why get yourself insulted? She kicked me out of there. Bau ji says she did the right. You deserve that. He says if you beg her she won’t come. She got her key to her fun. Bau ji screams. Raj says let’s go Prakash. Ilahi comes in.. Everyone is shocked to see her. Jordan wonders how did she come?

Inder meets Dolly. He says Dolly is in coma? Since when? Baljeet says since four months. Jahan says on my wedding day mama papa met an accident in Canada. Inder cries and says forgive me please baljeet. Because of me you all had to suffer so much. Ilahi hugs Bebe and Bau ji. Jordan says mom you were right. See Ilahi is back. These middle class people don’t take a stand. Ilahi goes to Jordan and gives him a paperr. and says I want a divorce. Everyone is shocked.

Scene 2
Inder says come home with me. I will get Dolly treated. i will get the best doctor. Jaahan says stop it. You will take a scamster home? He did such a big fruad in your company. He can be a threat to your family. Why have any relationship with a fruad, scamster? Inder slaps him and says shut up. My brother did no scam. He didn’t do any fraud. It was Mahip and my fault. Mahip convinced me to use Baljeet as scapegoat. She said he has good reputation. If he goes to Canada and comes back after a while no one would have any problem. It’s my fault that I agreed with her. He says Baljeet I will fix everything. I will tell Bebe Bau ji everything. I will get whatever punishment I deserve. Jahan says wow your punishment would be so easy for such a big crime? And btw thank you for your confession. Now ask police for forgiveness. He plays the video. He says sorry papa I had to do this to remove your stain. Jahan says you made a joke for my parents. THey couldn’t come back, they stayed homeless. Your forgiveness would be so easy? Before we go there, your confession would go to police. Now Biji Bauji would know who was the scam.

Bau ji says Ilahi don’t take decisions in anger. Jordan says really? now you will give me divorce? Ilahi says there’s nothing left between us. Sign these papers and end it. Jordan says I would never. Do whatever you want. He tears the papers.

Inder says if the cost of your forgiveness is me going to jail I would happily pay that price. I am ready to go to police and confess myself. Jahan says let’s go to police stations. Baljeet stops Jahan and says no one would go anywhere. Jahan says what are you saying. This is what youu wanted. Baljeet throws the phone. He says I wanted to prove my innocence but not this way. He says to Inder you realized your mistake. I feel like my innocence is proved. I would hurt bebe bau ji by sending you to jail. I will not become a criminal in my own eyes. I can forgive you for what you did to me. But what you did to my son and wife, I won’t forgive you till my last breath.

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Scene 3
Bebe says Ilahi no please don’t do this. Jordan says oh come on. You’re crying like someone died. It’s her drama. Bebe says shut up. Bebe says God made this relationship. It’s between two families. Dont’ make any decision in anger. She says girls used to saying our times that the marriage would end with their death. Kids these days take divorce so easily. Ilahi says trust me bebe it wasn’t easy for me. But he left me with no option. Jordan says oh you think you would bring the papers and I would sign them? This won’t ever happen. Tina says have some shame jordan. Say sorr to her. He says sorry my foot. She just wants attention with this divorce drama now. I won’t give you that attention. He leaves. Tina shouts at him.

Jahan says how can you forgive them papa? Did you forget he kind of life we lived because of them? Biji and Bau ji were kept in dark. Don’t they have a right to know the truth? That their Baljeet wasn’t a fraud. That you were forced to go to Canada because of them. How can you forget all that we lost because of them? Our life. Even I lost my love because of them. Because of these people only. You can forgive them but I won’t.

Scene 4
Bebe says to Mahip yyou have spoiled this man so much. You’re responsible for all this. Mahip says I don’t know what’s going on. If you want I can apologize to Ilahi on behalf of my son. mahip sits in Ilahi’s feet and says please forgive my son Ialhi. Ilahi picks her and says mummy ji please don’t embarras me. I have made my decision. I can’t live with jordan. Bebe says Ilahi please. Don’t go. Ilahi says please forgive me Bebe. please don’t stop me. Bau ji says don’t stop herr Prakash. Who are you stopping her for? Her husband Jordan doesn’t even realize his mistake. She’s my daughter. He says go Ilahi. Bebe says let me talk to Inder. He will talk to her.

Inder says to Dolly please forgive me Dolly. I was crazy that I got fooled by that Mahip. I didn’t know Mahip also ruined Jahan’s life. he says Jahan I should be punished. Please hit me. Jahan says what are you doing. Inder cries. He faints. Baljeet holds him. Inder faints. Tina calls inder. She says he’s not picking. Mahip says what would Inder do? If she’s not listening to yyou or Bau ji. I sat in her feet but she’s not listening. Doctors check inder. He says his BP shot up. Jahan picks his phone. He gets a call from Bebe. Baljeet says bebe is calling again and again. They pick it and put it on speaker. Bebe says Inder please come home. Ilahi is here. She came with divorce papers. She wants to divorce Jordan. Jahan is shocked. She says Inder please convince her come home. Bau ji says Prakash stop it. Inder won’t stop her either. Imagine if it was our daughter and her husband slapped her on a road, left her alone in jungle to die? Jahan and Baljeet are shocked. Bau ji says what if your daughter’s husband ruined all her dreams would you still want your daughter to live with the monster? Jahan is shocked. He says Jordan hit Ilahi? I will kill him.

Epsiode ends

Precap-Ilahi says are my house papers. how do you have them? Jordan says your dad took a 10 lacs loan for this house. I went and paid that loan and got the papers. You have 3 days, pay 10 lacs and get this house back or come back home like a good DIL. Ilahi is shocked.