Junooniyat 7th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Jahan decides to come back to India


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Scene 1
Everyone cheers for Sultan. Jordan gives Ilahi a gift. She says what occassion is it? He says I don’t need a day to give my wife a gift. He gives her jewelry. Jordan says you’ve done so much for me and my family. We will do everything together now. Ilahi wears the earrings. Jordan says I am very happy you’ve moved on and starting this new life with me. Seerat says to Jahan you were worrie for no reason. He says it was a fluke today. She says it’s not a fluke, it’s bulls eye. Your dream will come true. She gives him card of Mr. Joy who is CEO of a musical company. She says they want you to do concerts with him all over canada. He says it’s allf for 4 days. She says no one gives cheque in 4 days. She gives him the cheque. Jahan is shocked. He says I don’t know how to thank you. Seerat says you should go and meet him.

Ilahi serves everyone food. Dada asks where is Jordan? Jordan comes there, he says I’ve a concert today. Ilahi says concert? He says yes. He wears his jacket. Mahip says all the best. Ilahi recalls him saying we will do everything together. She goes after him. Mahip stops her. She asks are you not happy? She says I let go of that contract because of jordan. Mahip says Rasika is from such a rich family but she never competes with her husband. She says Jordan said we will always sing together as a team. So I wanna talk to him. Mahip says you should understand, this concert is his only. You shouldn’t be jealous of him. Be a good wife. Ilahi says no. I want to ask him why he broke his promise. I want to talk to him. Mahip holds her hand and stops her. Mahip says you should support him and not talk to him. Dont’ interfere in his matters. She leaves.

Scene 2
Seerat tells Dolly the comments Jahan got. Baljeet says the world can see your talent now. Jahan says God has made this way for me. Ilahi sings at the temple. Dadi says I am so proud of her. Baba ji asks Ilahi why is she sad? She says I feel like I am losing music. It’s my reason to live. He says you will teach these kids. Dadi says Ilahi that’d be great. Ilahi says I will teach them.

Jahan gets ready for his next concert. He does his next performances one after another. Ilahi teaches the kids music at he temple. Jordan ignores Ilahi. She tries to talk to him. Jahan gets another cheque. He’s happy. Ilahi sees Jordan leaving for the next concert. She tries to talk to him but he ignores her. Ilahi wakes up to many gifts around her.

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Scene 3
Mahip pays her manager and says Ilahi won’t sing, only Jordan will. Make him a new face. He says there are no new shows. She says make a show, ask influencers to promote him. I will pay everyone. ordan comes to the concert. A guy is wearing Sultan’s shirt. Jordan says you’re wearing shirt of the person who hides his face? Wear shirt of the real rockstar. Seerat says to Baljeet make him agree, we can’t back out now. It’s a very big contract. I’ve said yes already. Jahan says did I say yes? i wont’ leave mama papa here alone. She says listen to me. He says not out of Canada. She says it’s for one day. Baljeet says you should be grateful for her. She’s been with us when our own people left us. She was God’s way to your succcess. He says I understand her and i thank her all the time. but I can’t go to India leaving you both here alone. Baljeet says listen to what your mom are trying to say. Seerat shows him videos of influencers promoting another singer named jordan. Jahan looks at him and recalls how Mahip insulted him. Jahan recalls everything. Jahan says I will go to India for sure. Seerat says really? She hugs him and says I will also go to India, I am so happy.

Jahan sees Jordan’s concerts all over. He says Ilahi won the contest as well why is he doing concerts alone? Where is Ilahi? Why is she not performing. Baljeet says they can do anything. Jahan says they will have to pay for their sins. I will get your lost respect back. Ilahi prays that she gets to live her dream and Jordan supports her. She says I want to fulfill my dreams.

Scene 4
Ilahi sings at the temple. Jahan comes to india. Ilahi feels something in the air. Ilahi says Jahan? Jahan touches the land. Jordan’s cup falls. Ilahi feels like he’s around.

Episode ends

Precap-Jahan asks Seerat to go to hotel and check in there. She asks what happened? He says I have to meet someone. Jahan stops at the mehta house. A man says I want to meet Ilahi and sign her for an album. Jordan and Mahip get angry. Jahan enters their street. Ilahi looks at him.