Junooniyat 27th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Ilahi and Jordan win the finale


Junooniyat 27th June 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Jordan and Ilahi get ready to leave. Mahi does their arti. Jordan says mom Ilahi is also here. She does her arti as well. Bebe and dada ji wish her luck. She thinks about her. Ilahi’s dad calls Jordan. He talks to him. Ilahi talks to her dad. Mahi says you should go now. They leave, everyone wishes them luck. Ilahi’s dad packs food for her. Ilahi asks daddy ji where are you? He is working. His boss shouts at him. Ilahi says what’s wrong with him. HE says I am sorry Ilahi I know you’re hurt. But I am helpless. I know this is your dream. Jordan says I will win and you will win with me today. You’ve to give a star performance today. Ilahi recalls Jahan used to say there’s no such thing as your win and my win. We win and lose together. Ilahi said our hearts are in sync so would be our melodies. They used to sing together.

Ilahi and Jordan come outside great indian voice finale venue. People cheer for Jordan. Jordan says see everyone is cheering for ny name. Not everyone gets a chance to perform with me. You have to stun everyonee. We will be famous together now. Ilahi goes to the makeup room. Daddy comes there. Ilahi hugs him. She says thank God you came. He says sorry I got late. Ilahi says I am mad at you. He sings for her. Ilahi hugs him. He says good luck. You will win all the hearts. Ilahi wonders if Jahan would listen to her today. She hopes he’s okay.

Scene 2
Jahan wakes up from sleep. He thinks about Ilahi. His head hurts, he recalls last night. Jahan says I drank so much. He trips and injures his toe. He recalls how Ilahi used to dress his wounds and ask him to not cry like kids. Jahan hears Ilahi’s voice. He goes out. Ilahi is singing on the stage. Baljeet is watching the finale. Jahan watches with him. Jordan sings with Ilahi. She imagines Jahan there. Ilahi sings emotionally. She looks at Jordan imagining it’s Jahan. Everyone cheers for them. Jordan holds Ilahi’s hand. She feesl uncomfortable. The host says wow what a performance.

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Ilahi and Jordan win the finale. Everyone gets very happy. Jahan gets excited too and hugs Baljeet. He’s very happy for Ilahi. Ilahi looks around for Jahan while Jordan celebrates. Ilahi recalls they saw this dream together. Jahan sits down and cries. He says o God, thank you so much God. Ilahi recalls Jahan said they will get married after the finale. Ilahi cries. Jordan takes the trophy. Jahan cries happily for Ilahi. he says I knew you would do it. This was your dream. I am not there to celebrate your win but I am so happy. You will be able to bring your mom back now. Jahan hugs Baljeet. Jordan says hello Mr. Cananda, I won and you lost. I told you Ilahi would be mine as well and so would be the trophy. He was imagining it.

Scene 3
Jordan comes home. His family celebrates. Mahi says I knew my Jordi will win only. Mahi does their arti. Jordan says both of us won. Mahi says of course. She says congrats to Ilahi as well. Ilahi’s family hugs them. Ilahi says I wish you were here. Jahan says you win is our win. jordan says you’re only mine.

Episode ends

Precap-A girl reads a message for ilahi. Your win is my win. Mahi says my Jordi will be the face of music label only.