Junooniyat 26th May 2023 Written Episode Update: Jahaan and Ilahi’s dreams

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Junooniyat 26th May 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Jahaan saying we will see the dreams together. Ilahi says tell me the dream you always see. He recalls his parents. He says someone blamed my parents and made them away, I will not leave that culprit and get the lost respect back for my parents. Biji says I will talk to Amar about the alliance. Mahi says no, you won’t do this, I will handle this. Ilahi says my dream is to get mum and Sirat back. She cries. Jahaan wipes her tears and says I won’t let you cry, your dream is mine. She says your dream is mine. She gets a call from Amar. Amar asks did you think with who will you sing in the competition. She says yes, I will come home and talk to you. She asks Jahaan to come home and talk to Amar. She says I don’t hide anything from Amar, I will tell him that I have chosen Jahaan as a life partner. She smiles. He hugs her. Jahaan comes. Dharmender says your fate will change, Thakur got three album deal for you. Thakur says Chawla loves your voice, this is a deal, come to office and meet Chawla, sign this contract, you will get money and fame, see you tomorrow, don’t lose this big chance. Dharmender says Balle balle, go and ask Ilahi about this. Ilahi says it’s a big opportunity, you have become a star, amazing. Jahaan says I searched on internet, it looks authentic, we can buy our dream house, you are lucky for me.

She says I will miss you in the final round, someone else will be my partner, its okay, I want you to go ahead in life. Jordan talks to Thakur. He says make sure Jahaan signs this contract, he will be out of the competition, give him signing amount and record a song, don’t release the song. Jahaan thinks how shall I leave Ilahi alone, what shall I do. Ilahi says nothing is imp than your parents’ respect, you have an interview tomorrow, you are going to meet Amar. Jahaan says yes, I m nervous, is he strict. She says he is hitler type, he wants things perfect. She takes a mock interview. She laughs and says my dad isn’t strict. He runs after her. They hug. He gets Dolly’s call. He says I will very soon bring you to India. Dolly asks did you talk to Ilahi. He says I m not sure of it. She asks what did you decide. He says I m not able to decide. She asks him to listen to his heart.

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Dolly says I have regarded Ilahi my bahu, I will give her these bangles. Bebe sees the old jewellery. Inder comes. Bebe says I m sure Baljeet and Dolly also miss us, like we miss them, they will meet us soon. Inder says Mahi promised to find out about them, don’t tell this to Bau ji, I find this tough. She prays. He hugs her. Mahi looks on and gets angry seeing their adamancy. Dolly asks Ilahi did she think well, will she marry Jahaan, he is mad. She jokes. She says I will pray that you both take the right decision. He says I m getting an imp call, I will talk later. She asks him to take a box of sweets when he goes to meet Amar. He answers the other call. Thakur/Abhishek asks Jahaan are you coming to sign the contract, very few people get such a chance. Jahaan thinks. Mahi meets someone and asks for Dolly and Baljeet’s info. She says I want to know about their child also, nobody should know about it. She pays him money. She says once I find them out, then I will make sure they never come back to India.

The episode ends