Junooniyat 24th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Ilahi slaps Jahan


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Scene 1
Jahan washes his face and says Jordan and mom have done all this. They’ve kept biji bauji in dark and Jordan is fooling Ilahi as well. I wish i could tell Ilahi what happened that day. Ilahi washes her face and cries. She says anyone would the same way Jordan did. I will tell Jordan I saw Jahan. But I never spoke to him. Jahan wonders how to tell Ilahi. He says she doesn’t even look at me. I promised her dad I will never speak to her. He cries. Jahan says if I don’t tell her she will hate me for life. Ilahi and Jahan both come out of washroom. They collide with each other. Tina comes there. She wonders why is Ilahi talking to Jahan. Jahan says ilahi.. Ilahi says move aside. My husband is waiting for me. Ilahi leaves. Jahan leaves the party. Baljeet calls him. Jahan says hi papa. he asks how was the party? Jahan says it was great. Jahan says I am going back. Baljeet says why? He says I’ve to prepare for the concert. He says I wish we were there to give you blessings. Jahan recalls dadi giving him blessings. He says I got some blessings from the elders. Jahan’s uncle comes and says he didn’t even Baljeet. Baljeet says you should have lunch. His uncle takes him back in.

Varun says to Jordan Jahan has left. Let’s go. Please relax, let’s have food and dance. Jordan sees Ilahi coming there. Varun says fix your mood. Jordan stops Ilahi and dances with herr, Jahan comes in and sees them. Jahan looks at them and drinks. Jordan comes close to Ilahi while dancing. A girl comes to dance with Jahan. Jahan dances with her. He looks at ilahi. Jordan rolls Ilahi very fast in anger. She falls. Jahan holds her. Everyone is shcoked. Ilahi stands up. Jordan gets angry. He leaves in anger. Mahip and Ilahi go after him. Jordan comes to Jahan and hits him. He says how dare you touch my wife. Jahan hits him back and says I only saved Ilahi. Jordan hits him. He says who are you? She’s my wife. Ilahi and everyone come there and try to stop Jordan. Jordan hits Jahan. Jahan hits him back and shoves him. Jordan falls on inder and he falls as well. Ilahi picks Inder. She slaps Jahan. Everyone is shocked.

Dada ji says what is happening. Our kids are fighting. Jahan leaves. The host family asks if everything is okay. Inder says I am sorry. Jordan leaves. Ilahi goes after him. Jordan sits in his car and leaves. Ilahi tries to stop Jordan.

Scene 2
Everyone comes home. They’re worried about jordan. Inder says Jordan isn’t picking the call. Mahip says Jahan did all of this on purpose. He came here to take revenge. He always insults us. He came near Ilahi himself and made her fall so he can hold her. Then he left after creating a scene. He knew this would push jordan. Inder says he only saved Ilahi from falling. Anyone would do that. Jordan shouldn’t have hit him and gotten so angry.

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Scene 3
Jahan sees a man and his tractor stuck in the mud. He helps him. He recalls the event and shoves the tractor. The man thanks him for help. Jahan washes his face. He says I’ve to wash the stains they put on me and my family.

Bau ji asks Ilahi if she could trace Jordan. She says I called all his friends but no one knows. Rasika says Ilahi did amazing thing today. I never imagined she would slap her ex so bad. This shows how much cares for her family and husband. Dadi says she’s right. She’s shut up everyone who doubted her. Tina wonders what’s happening. She thinks Ilahi was talking to Jahan first and then slapped him. Mahip says Inder call Jordan. Inder says we don’t need to. When he calms down he will come back. Bau ji says talk to him politely once he’s back. His anger created a scene today. I am glad Ilahi handled everything. Ilahi says I got his friend’s message. They know his location. Mahip says I am going. Bau ji says you won’t go. Ilahi will go and bring her husband back.

Scene 4
Jordan breaks things in anger. He says Ilahi is mine. You can’t take her from me. She slapped you. He breaks the bottlees. Ilahi comes there. She’s scared of the bottles. Jordan looks at her. Ilahi says let’s go home Jordan. He says I don’t wanna go anywhere. He hits another bottle. Ilahi stops his hand. She says I came here to take you home and I would. Let’s go. He says tell me one thing Ilahi. When you slapped Jahan was that to stop the fight or something else? She says I slapped him because he misbehaved with my family. jordan shoves her. Ilahi screams and falls. Jordan says I had to teach him a lesson. Why did you had to get in and stop all that? You wanted the fight to stop. So that not everyone finds out your and Jahan’s truth. Ilahi looks at him in anger.

Episode ends.

Precap-Ilahi says the producer who I sent sample called me to his office. Jordan comes in. He asks where are you going? She says I am going with husna for shopping. Mahip sees Ilahi in their office. Jordan shouts at Ilahi and says now you’re going to music companies after lying to your husband?