Junooniyat 22nd March 2023 Written Episode Update: Ilahi gets help from Harleen and Nehmat


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The Episode starts with Rupy saying you sing so well, like your mum. Ilahi cries. Satti asks do you miss your mum. Ilahi asks is every mum like you. Satti says yes, she can do anything for her child’s happiness, she would be missing you too. Nehmat asks Ekam to hurry up. She says no one knows I m here, the family will worry that I met you before roka and it’s a bad shagun. He says we will soon get married, tyre is fixed, come. Harleen says Ekam and Nehmat are on the way, they are reaching. Ilahi says I should leave. Rupy asks her to rest for some time. Harleen tells about Nehmat and asks Ilahi to freshen up. She takes Ilahi with her.

Jahaan sees Biji and thinks to talk to her. He goes to Biji and says I m Jahaan, Dharmender’s new tenant, shall I help you, why are you lighting diyas at night. She says its my granddaughter’s wedding tomorrow. He helps her. He sees a radio there. He hums a tune. She recalls Diljot. He says I m Amar’s big fan, I like his song. She says his wife used to sing, she has run away, he is lying drunk. She scolds him. She asks him not to come again.

Ilahi looks around. She sees a shadow. She gets tensed. Ranjeet and his friends are outside. Harleen asks all okay, why are you scared. Ilahi says I want to go home, will you help me. Harleen says calm down, share the problem with me, I will try to help you, don’t get scared, tell me the matter. Ilahi says my marriage is happening with Ranjeet against my wish, my Biji wants my betterment but I have to win the competition and bring my mum and sister back, that guy isn’t good, I tried to explain Biji, but she didn’t believe me, my dad isn’t able to help me. Harleen asks don’t you like that guy. Ilahi signs no. Ranjeet electrocutes someone and asks his friend to free the guy, they don’t have to kill him. Jahaan prays in the Gurudwara. Jordan gets Dada ji there. Dada ji asks him to come in. Jordan says you know me. Dada ji says I also didn’t believe it first, but then I understood, when God is with us, it doesn’t matter if world is answered, God fulfills every wish of his people. Harleen says I have solution for you, Ekam is my friend, he is ASP. Ilahi says it can defame the family. Harleen says defamation is better than destruction, will you marry that guy. Ilahi says no. Harleen says run away. Ilahi says running away isn’t a solution, how can we run away from family. Harleen says yes, we have to stay between our family and fight. Ranjeet drills a pipe. Jasmin asks what plan did you make. Rupy stops Ranjeet. Jasmin says he can make a mistake. Ranjeet says we are fixing lights. He lies to Rupy and shows the id card. Ilahi says I promise, I won’t marry him. Ekam and Nehmat come. Harleen messages Nehmat. They smile and ask what’s the surprise. Ekam says I will park the car and come. Nehmat enters the house and smiles seeing the decorations.

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Ranjeet pours the kerosene. Ekam takes Nehmat inside the house. He asks did you do all this. She says no, I have no idea. Everyone surprises them and hugs. Aye dil….plays. Harleen thinks can I see this, maybe I should have gone back to Canada. She unites Ekam and Nehmat. Everyone claps. Ilahi says I have to go home. She thinks I will get mummy back and my happy family dream will complete. Harleen asks Ilahi to dance. They all dance. Ginni goes to Ilahi’s room to check on her. Biji stops her. Ginni says I thought to see her once. Biji says let her sleep, come. Nehmat says you are beautiful and brave. Ilahi says book a cab for me, I don’t have money. Harleen says Abhiraj will drop you. Ilahi says I don’t want to trouble you. Nehmat says I know a taxi driver, he will drop you. Ranjeet comes there. He doesn’t see Ilahi. Harleen gives a purse and says this has money and a cell phone, you can call us if there is any problem. Satti asks Ekam and Nehmat to come and cut the cake. Jasmin gets angry on Ranjeet. She says I want to make Nehmat out of Ekam’s life. Nehmat and Ekam cut the cake. Ekam says I m getting petrol smell from your hands. Rupy jokes and asks him not to play policeman in the house. Nehmat says taxi driver is coming in an hour, enjoy with us. Jahaan leaves. Jordan sits in the jeep. They see Ranjeet’s parents getting a sherwani. Jahaan and Jordan take a pic of the sherwani. Nehmat and Ekam dance on my dil goes hmm… Ranjeet pours the kerosene.

Jahaan and Jordan also try to get same sherwanis. Nehmat and Ilahi are trapped in fire. They shout for help.