Junooniyat 21st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Ilahi appreciates Jahan’s scarifice


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Scene 1
Jahan performs at the festival. The terrorists come inside as well and plan an attack. Jordan comes to Ilahi and says did you like my entry? She says end this matter for once. Jordan says I love this song. You will love it. Jahan sings his theme song. Ilahi says what do you want? Jordan asks do you know who that is? Ilahi says Sultan. He says what if I say Sultan offered me a deal to be him. Ilahi says what do you mean? He says when his mask would fall off, my face would be behind it. It was a golden opportunity. I could become a rockstar, it was my dream. I sacrificed my dream for you. I chose you over my childhood dream.

The police looks for terrorists inside the festival. They say the terrorists are here. They can be dangerous. Ilahi says what rubbish. I’ve no time for your lies. Why does Sultan care about our divorce? jordan says he does because Jahan is Sultan. Ilahi is shocked. Ilahi says really? He says yes, I saw him without a mask. He said he loved you but he lied to you. He never told you. Ilahi says that’s not true. She leaves. Ilahi collides with the terrorist. His fun falls. Jordan comes to Ilahi and says listen.. He not only hid his identity. He also made a deal with me. Jahan will give me Sultan’s fame and take you in return. He did a similar deal in college over you. That car accident. If you don’t believe I can show you. Jordan takes Ilahi near the stage. He says look closely. That’s Jahan. Ilahi looks at him.

Jordan grabs Ilahi and misbehaves with her. Ilahi tries to fight off. Jahan sees this, he comes off the stage and hits Jordan. His mask falls off. Ilahi sees his face. Ilahi says Jahan.. She’s shocked. Jordan screams Sultan’s name. Ilahi cries. Jahan goes back on stage and performs. Jordan says see I wasn’t lying. Jahan and Sultan are the same. He made a deal to take you from me. Ilahi leaves. The police looks for terrorists. ilahi is leaving. Jordan says he’s playing with your emotions. He’s fooling you. Jahan comes there. Ilahi ignores hims as well. Jahan says Ilahi listen.. Ilahi says why didn’t you tell me you’re Sultan? He says I wanted to deal you and then Jordan came with this deal. It was about my mom’s life. So I made this deal. I love both of you more than my life. She says who both? He says you and mama? Ilahi says you asked Jordan to divorce me? Jahan says I couldn’t see you in this pain anymore. He came up with this deal himself so I demanded your freedom. There was no other intention.

Jordan says is Ilahi your property that you will make deals on her? Who are you to decide for her life? He says Ilahi he’s a liar and cheat. He’s always fooled you. Can’t you see? Ilahi laughs and says Jordan you are literally a child. Do you really think I am a child you can play with him? Or am I an idiot. I can see people’s truth and their intentions as well. I am glad Jahan fulfilled his dream. I know why didn’t tell me about this deal. And thanks to you for cancelling this deal. At least Jahan didn’t have to lose his dream. And no one can snatch anyone’s fame or talent. But you only know how to snatch happiness, dreams and smiles. Jordan says what are you saying? I made such a big sacrifice for you? Ilahi says what sacrifice? I was never yours. Do you know what’s a sacrifice? The one Jahan did. He was giving up everything for Dolly’s life and my freedom. My respect for him has increased today. Jordan gets angry.

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Scene 2
The police looks for terrorists. They say it’s time to execute the plans. They take out their guns. Jordan claps and says wow, one person hides face adn sings and other hides face and apprecaites him. Do you think I will let you two unite? I won’t let that happen. Even if you unite, you will have to come to place. I will teach you a lifelong lesson. I will make it hell for you both. Ilahi says I thought you are an idiot, but you’re way dumb. Your stories don’t make sense and no matter what happens, I will divorce you at all costs. Ilahi leaves. Jahan smiles at Jordan.

The terrorists start shooting. People panic and run around. Ilahi runs as well. The police looks for terrorists. Jahan screams and looks for Ilahi. Ilahi looks for Jahan as well, a terrorist makes Ilahi hostage. Jordan tries to run but they catch him too. The police says we have captured your man, come out or we will shoot him. They alugh and say you have one man and we have hundreds. They come with all people as hostages. Jahan sees Ilahi with them. He screams Ilahi.. The police stops Jahan. Jahan says let me go. The take Ilahi, Jordan and others. Jordan asks the terrorist to not touch Ilahi. He says is she your beloved? I will kill you both together? Jahan says to inspector please let me go in. Ilahi is with them? They say you can’t go in. Let us work on our plan. We dont’ need to share any info with you. The terrorist says if anyone acts smart I will shoot them. A woman cries and says please let me go. A kid tries to run, they shoot her. Ilahi screams. He says you will all die like this. Jahan says I’ve to do something.

Episode ends