Junooniyat 21st April 2023 Written Episode Update: Ilahi suffers a heartbreak


Junooniyat 21st April 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Ilahi saying I thought you understand me, but I was wrong. Jahaan says I was also wrong and that time was also wrong, please leave, I have no courage to speak or hear anything. She cries. He also cries. She slips and falls in his arms. She leaves. He shuts the door and thinks I know you love me a lot, but we have to get away, I m sorry. They both sit crying. She coughs and knocks the door. Jahaan opens the door and looks outside. He doesn’t see her. He says I m really sorry, we can never unite. She cries and goes home. Jordan thinks of Ilahi. Biji asks him to wake up. She says I will go to Gurudwara and pray for you, wake up, I will ward off your bad sight. Jordan says let me sleep. She says sleep later. Mahi comes and says I will ward off his bad sight today. Mahi wards off the bad sight. She blesses Jordan and hugs him. Mehta looks on. Jordan asks are you happy now Bebe. Ilahi coughs a lot. She cries and hugs Amar. Biji and Ginni look on. Amar asks why are you crying, I will get water. Ginni says congrats. Biji says she can’t sing now. Amar goes to get medicines. Biji adds the powder in the milk and takes it for Ilahi. She asks Ilahi to have the haldi milk. Jahaan prays for Ilahi. Amar comes and asks Ilahi not to drink the milk.

He asks Biji not to give anything to Ilahi, doctor has refused, Diljot’s throat also got damaged in the same way. He gives medicines to Ilahi. He asks Biji to take care of Ilahi. Ginni hides the powder. Biji says if Amar knows our plan then he will not leave us. Dolly serves the food to Diljot. Diljot says its tasty parathas, what happened, are you thinking of Jahaan. Dolly says he is alone there, I wish he gets fine soon. Diljot says I have two daughters, I will tell you about them some other day, a mum knows when a child is in problem, nothing will happen to Jahaan. Dolly hugs her. Mehta gives prasad to Jordan. He says I have gone to Gurudwara. Dada ji jokes. Mehta gives medicines to Jordan and says next dose is after two hours. Dada ji says your dad didn’t sleep all night, he is your dad and he worries for you. Jordan says thanks dad. Mehta says you are the heir of the Mehta family, never forget you mean a lot to us, don’t let your life get ruined, I saw Jahaan, I thought he is sensible, I m shocked, he agreed for the car race, what did you both want to prove. Amar takes care of Ilahi. He asks is something troubling you, don’t cry, tell me. Mehta asks is there anything you want to tell me. Jahaan asks Dolly and Baljeet not to come to India. He says I m going to ENT specialist, I don’t want to disturb Ilahi. Mehta asks Jordan not to say if he wants, you both didn’t win and there is no benefit. Jordan thinks Jahaan will be out of the competition. Ilahi thinks how to tell dad that my love got upset with me.

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The episode ends