Junooniyat 20th June 2023 Written Episode Update: Ilahi gets insulted in the party


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Sccene 1
Jordan says it’s okay I am with you. He says come change. He says to everyone it’s fine. Daljeet asks Jahan are you missing Ilahi? Did you speak to her? He says yes she was asking about you. Daljeet says I wanna talk to her. He says we will talk once you’re home. He says we will all take care of her. Ilahi says to Jordan I told you I am not comfortable in this dress. He says I didn’t force you to wear this. I just siad don’t wear your own clothes you will look odd one out. You can wear normal clothes, then I will also go like this. She says I was just not comfortable. Hence I wore that cape. I feel so bad. She gives his coat back to him. He says in heart mom’s trick worked. I will keep you in control. Husna looks at them. Mahi says no one told you any manners? Don’t listen to your friend and her husband. She says I was just.. Mahi says be a guest, have food and leave. She says I am tolerating Ilahi till my son is happy. The day she makes him sad she will be out.

Ilahi wears a dress with dupatta. She recalls she was meeting Jahan’s parents. Jahan said you don’t have to worry. They will love you. She said what would they like? He says wants to impress in-laws? Jahan says you can hug them. Just be who you are, never change yourself for anyone. They will love you. He hugged her.

Scene 2
Jahan comes to Dolly. The doctor gives her files to him. He recalls how happy she was about him and Ilahi. Jahan says mama please open your eyes and talk to me. I only like you when you scold and tease me. Please mama. He cries.

Ilahir comes downstairs. Rasika says this is her real worth. Tina says you look very pretty. Ilahi says I had nothing else to wear. Mahi introduces Ilahi to Mehta, she says he’s an MLA. He has always been there for our family. She touches his feet. He says you’re such a cultured girl. Jordan asks Ilahi to drink. She says I can’t drink. He says it’s cocktail no alcohol. Mahi feels like throwing up. Rasika shoves her and she spits on Mehta. Everyone is shocked. Ilahi is scared. Mehta says what did you do? Ilahi says I am very sorry. Jordan says what did you do Ilahi? SHe says you lied that it wasn’t alcohol. You know I don’t drink. He says it’s my fault now? Mehta says what if media publishes my photos like this that this girl spit on me? What will I say? He leaves in anger. Grandpa says it’s fine. Don’t worry. People taunt Mahi that she is so ill-mannered. SHe shouldn’t be invited to high profile propertes. Ilahi apologizes to Mahi. She says leave, enough drama from today. People say she doesn’t deserve to be thi fmaily’s DIL. Where have they picked her from? She is just pretty but she has no class.

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Everyone eats the dinner. People eat and says it’s such a bad taste. Who made it? Rasika says let me speak to the chef. Mahi asks the manager to pick it up. Mahi is angry at Rasika. She says I am sorry mom I will get it fixed. Everyone speaks against the food. Rasika lashes out at the chef. He says I am sorry madam. I used the same recipe. She asks to throw it all. Ilahi says I can fix it. Rasika says okay as you wish. She says on heart she will get more insulted. Ilahi tastes it. Ilahi brings the fixed pasta. Dada ji asks everyone to try it. Everyone loves it. Everyone appreciates Rasika. Grandpa asks Varun to bring the chef. He says I don’t deserve this appreciation but someone else. Ilahi ma’am. She fixed the pasta. She made it so good. Everyone gets happy.

Episode ends

Precap-Jordan takes Ilahi to the stylist. He says you should get a haircut. Jordan looks at her. The stylist cuts her hair very short. Ilahi doesn’t like it.