Junooniyat 20th July 2023 Written Episode Update


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Scene 1
Jahan asks Seerat if she’s ready? She says yeah. Jahan gets ready. Seerat says I wanted to talk to you. It’s very important. He says I get it. About my parents travel arrangements? It’s all done. Don’t worry. The doctor will also give approval. I can’t wait for them to come here. I want to return what they lost so soon. I can live my dream. I want to succeed so much that they ge their lost respect back. Seerat says I.. The photographer comes for photoshoot. Seerat says we will talk later.

Ilahi says it will be my first recording. Help me God. Jahan sings in the studio. Jordan drinks at the party. Ilahi sends her recording to the music producer. She says Sultan has released a new song. I sang a my version of it. I hepe you like it. Someone calls Ilahi and says Jordan has made a mess. Please come here. Ilahi rushes. Jordan is very drunk. He misbehaves with his friends when they stop him from driving. Ilahi comes there. Jordan says you.. He pulls her. He hits his friend and says you called Ilahi? His friend says you can’t drive. Jordan says send her back in the cab. Ilahi says I will take you with me. He says I am the rockstar. You can’t stop me. I will drive. He shoves Ilahi. She falls on the bonnet. His friends ask if she is okay? Jordan sits in the car. He looks for the key. Ilahi has it. Jordan tries to take it from her but he faints. Ilahi asks them to book a cab.

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Scene 2
Baljeet asks Jahan to go to the engagement of his friend. He says Jordi has taken care of us. Dada ji also gets an invite. Jordan says Ilahi how dare you pick Karan’s phone? She says I was worried for you. She says let’s go to thhe room. She drags him upstairs. Mahip sees them. Inder stops her. Inder says Ilahi is so responsible. I will speak to Jordan. Mahip says I don’t know if she can handle my son. Ilahi asks Jordan to drink lemonade. He breaks the glass and says it’s my choice. I wont’. Ilahi picks th glass. Jordan says it’s been a month since I won great Indian voice but got nothing. One interview came and it got cancelled. He says what do you have that I don’t have? First you took my great indian voice contract. Now all music companies want to work with you. I got one interview and it got cancelled as well. Because of that loser Sultan. They said he’s more popular, he sings well. He has millions of fans. Becauase of him my interview got cancelled. Ilahi says don’t overthink. You are such a good singer. You will get your chance. He says when? It’s been a month, I got nothing. Sine childhood I wanted to be a rockstar. It was my passion.

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