Junooniyat 1st September 2023 Written Episode Update: Dolly plans anniversay party for Mahip and Inder


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Scene 1
Dolly asks Ilahi are you okay? Mahip shouts. She says Ilahi Ilahi.. Is she a ghost? Can’t you see her here? Nothing is okay between your son and Ilahi. Inder stops Mahip and says what are you saying. Jordan is fine. Dolly is shocked. Ilahi holds her. Ilahi says to Dolly it’s not like that. Please calm down. Dolly is worried. Jordan says Jahan I your lips must still have my wife’s taste. Jahan hits him and says don’t say a word against Ilahi He says what else did you do in the room? Jahan hits him and says she’s not your wife. Jordan says you’re angry because I burned your hot moment. Jahan punches him and says you have disgusting mentality. She’s so pure. Jordan says that’s why she was in a room with you and breaking the bed. That’s her purity? Jahan hits him and says I am glad she’s leaving a crazy man like you. He shoves Jordan.

Dolly asks Ilahi is there something wrong between you and Jahan? Ilahi says please rest. She was worried about jordan. Dolly asks her to sit with her. Ilahi sits next to her and falls asleep. Jahan says don’t forget the deal. Jordan says your heart still beats for Ilahi. Jahan shoves him. Jordan laughs.

Scene 2
Jordan comes home. Mahip says how dare he hit you. Jordan says I hit him too. I will bruise his heart and soul. Mahip asks what are you thinnking? he says my passion. We can’t tell Dolly the truth but rest of the world can. Mahip says you’re right. Leave it on em. See what I do now. Jahan comes home. He sees Ilahi sleeping next to Dolly. he says thank you for doing all this for my mom Ilahi I couldn’t do so much myself either. He turns off the light and leaves.

Ilahi wakes up next morning. Ilahi’s lawyer calls her. He says we have hearing today. Ilahi says I would come. Ilahi is about to leave. Dolly asks Ilahi where are you going? She says I’ve to get Lucky’s school project from a shop so far. Jordan says I can take you there. Dolly says yes go with jordan. Ilahi says it’s okay I will handle. Dolly says it’s about Lucky, take him. Ilahi agrees. Jordan and Ilahi are on their way. Ilahi guides him the way. He says are you sure this is route? She says yes. Ilahi and Jordan come to the family court. Jordan says you said you’ve to go market for Lucky’s school project. Why are we in the court? She says it’s our divorce’s first hearing. I had to bring you here. Jordan is shocked. Ilahi says only you can play games? Jordan says what do you want? She says I want to get rid of you. Jordan says I won’t go to any summon. He holds her hand and says please let’s go. Ilahi says leave my hand. If you do anything here you know what would happen. Jordan leaves her hand. Ilahi says you thought I’d get scared of you? I am not scared of you anymroe. Thank you for maing me this brave. I am emotional but not weak. Lets go in. He says you will pay for this. He says I won’t go in. you will always be my wife. I will not divorce you at any cost. He leaves.

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Ilahi records all this. She shows it to her lawyer. He says this is very good. Ilahi says what if he doesn’t come to the court? He says we will file for it, he will have to divorce you at all costs. Jordan says I will show you my game tomorrow Ilahi. He calls Mahip and says we’ve to do a blast tomorrow.

Scene 3
Mahip says it’s our anniversary tomorrow Inder. I am planning a grand party. Inder says bbut Dolly isn’t well. She says even if I do the right thing you question me. I thought it’d make everyone happy. Bau ji says but everyone knows Jordan and Ilahi got married. If any guest says it in front of Dolly what would happen? Bebe says Dolly will introduce her as Jahan’s wife. People will question that. Rasika says oh yes but jordan and Ilahi are going to be divorce. Mahip says wow, very nice. I can’t even celebrate my own anniversary in my own house. I invted all my friends and business associates already. What do I say now? Inder says family is more important than them. Call and cancel it. Mahip says I won’t do that. She says no one has died here. Inder shouts have some shame. Jahan asks Inder to calm down. He says she’s no shame. Jahan says we will do the paryt. I will take mama out. She won’t know about the party. I don’t want anyone to suffer because of us. Ilahi says Jahan isright. It’s better for us. I will go to my house. Jordan says how can you go. People will question where my wife is. What will we say? Ilahi says the same that’s truth. Ilahi has left this house and she’s divorcing my son. Jordan and Mahip are shocked. Baljeet says Jahan is right. Jahan says just make sure mama doesn’t know about this party. Do decorations etc when she leaves the house. Jordan says in heart your mom will know for sure.

Jordan shows a watch set to Dolly and asks which is good? She selects one. Dolly says for what? He says it’s mom dad’s anniversary. It was my secret. Don’t tell anyone. She says I will not tell anyone. What’s the party plan? He says you’re not well. We can’t celebrate. We will celebrate later. She says I am fine. We can plan a surprise party for your parents. Jordan says really? That’d be great. Jordan says in heart I am the rockstar. Now Dolly will plan the party.

Scene 4
Everyone comes to the hall. The house is all decorated. Ilahi and Jahan are shocked. Dolly comes there with a cake. Jordan pretends like he’s not a part of it. Dolly says surprise. Mahip ays this is really sweet. Thanks for the surprise Dolly. Dolly does their arti. Jordan says how did chachi get to know all this? Jahan looks at him in anger. Dolly wishes them. Inder says who told you about our anniversary? She says I remembered. We always used to celebrate. I know you don’t wanna celebrate because of me. But we should celebrate. Inder says now we can’t celebrate at such short notice. It’s fine. She says Varun just has to call the guests, everyone would be here. We will celebrate like we used to. Everyone is shocked. Ilahi wonders how would they handle it.

Episode ends