Junooniyat 1st November 2023 Written Episode Update: Ilahi exposes Seerat


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Scene 1
Jahan leaves. Ilahi cries. Bebe says Ilahi you should rest. She says thank God you’re okay. Bebe says thank you for saving Jahan. Ilahi says nothing can ever happen to Jahan. Dolly says thank you for saving his life but that doesn’t mean you are my DIL. You never valued my son’s feelings and love. Ilahi I’ve always valued his love and feelings. You can say this because I don’t have a proof. The day i get proof of my innocence you will all know. I saved Jahan because I love him. I saved my life, Jahan is my life. Jahan hears it outside and cries. Ilahi says I will always protect Jahan. Seerat asks Jahan what are you doing here? He leaves. Seerat comes to Ilahi and sayss I am sure you’re very happy. You won. Your love love will evaporate. Ilahi says my love for Jahan is an ocean. It never dries up. It can bring a storm though, that cleans all the dirt. I have only 2 days left. in 2 days your and Jordan’s game will be over. Seerat says you won’t be able to show anything. Ilahi says shout after 2 days. Ilahi says imagine who threw the electric pole on Jahan? You can’t do that. Who else could? Jordan? Seerat says I don’t know. Don’t waste my time. Ilahi says I want you to fight with Jordan.

Seerat goes to Jordan and says you threw the pole right? You tried to kill Jahan? he says stop it idiot. You’ve gone crazy. She says I love Jahan. I tried to kill my sister for him. CAn you imagine what I can do. Jordan says you’ve lost your mind. She asks where were you pooja time? Tell me. She picks a wire. Jordan says are you crazy? Move it away. yes I tried ot kill him. He strangles her and says you will tell the truth when you go alive from here. Seerat shoves jordan. She says dont’ dare to touch me. I will tell everyone you tried to kill Ilahi. jordan says I will also tell everyone how you attempted to kill her first. See this movie. You’re the heroin of it. Jordan says I will show this to everyone. They both fight for the phone. Seerat tries to take the phone. Ilahi hears that. she says I’ve to get that video from jordan’s phone.

Scene 2
Seerat looks at Jordan. Jordan says I wanna eat in the room. Seerat also leaves. Dolly says eat in your room. Mahip says let me give jordan food. Tina says I can give it to him. Seerat comes to Jahan and says come let’s eat. Ilahi and Seerat mix sleeping meds in Jordan’s food. Ilahi says no one should come to his room. Seerat says to Jahan I know you love me a lot. I know you’re fasting for me as well. Jordan says stop it Seerat. Ilahi comes to jordan’s room. He’s fallen asleep. Ilahi takes Jordan’s phone. He holds her hand in sleep. Ilahi is scared. She takes her hand back. Seerat comes there. She locks the room. Ilahi says I told you this game is over I will show this video to Jahan and everyone. Seerat says you will tell if you go out. I wont’ lose Jahan. Give me the phone. she tries to fight with Ilahi. Ilahi shoves her and runs out with the phone. Seerat hits Ilahi with a vase. the phoen falls. Jahan catches it. Jahan says it’s Jordan’s phone. Seerat says give me the phone. Ilahi says no don’t. Jahan asks what does it have? Seerat says she took his phone. I thought I should tell her it’s wrong. Ilahi says this phone has the proof. Mahip says give me Jordan’s phone. Ilahi says go to the gallery and see the first video. Seerat says what rubbish.

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Seerat says this phone has nothing. And who are you even. You were nothing, I made you a star and united you with your family. You are doubting me? Whatever you are is because of me. You were an ordinary boy who used to work in a cafe. I made you Sultan and yyou’re doubting me? Give me the goddamn phone. Ilahi slaps Seerat. Ilahi says Jahan play the video and show everyone the truth. Jahan plays the video. Everyone is shocked. Mahip runs to Jordan’s room. Baljeet says Seerat what did you do? you wanted to kill your own daughter? Bau ji syas how can you stoop so low? Shame on you. Dolly says you should be ashamed. Ilahi says do you trust me now Jahan? I didn’t decieve you. I love you. Jahan says Ilahi.. I am sorry. please forgive me. He hugs her and cries. Jahan shoves Seerat and says how dare you to touch my Ilahi and try to kill her. I will kill you. ilahi stops him. She says don’t. Jahan says she is saving you and you tried to kill her?? He says it’s my fault. Not theirs. Jahan sits in Ilahi’s feet and cries. He says please forgive me. Ilahi hugs him and says don’t say that. They cry. Dolly says Seerat trusting yyou was the worst mistake of my life. The one whho can do this to her sister can do this to anyone. She shoves Seerat out of the house.

Diljot and Amar come there. Dolly says please take this criminal from here. They’re shocked. Seerat hugs Diljot and cries. Diljot shoves her and says you’ve cursed my motherhood. She slaps her and says don’t call me your mom. You tried to kill your sister? She says I didn’t do this alone. Jordan was also there. Bau ji says then both of you will be punished. Bau ji goes to Jordan’s room. Jahan says he must have run. Ilahi says he was in his room. They come to Jordan’s room.

Episode ends