Junooniyat 19th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Jordan tells Dolly truth


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Scene 1Jahan and Ilahi come to Dolly and say we wanna tell you something important. she says let me get ready for the party. Jahan says it’s important. She asks what? Jahan says Ilahi.. is.. She.. Guests come outside. Dolly says people are here we’ve to go. Dolly meets the guests. She introduces Ilahi and Jahan to the transgenders and asks them to give them blessings. Jordan comes downstairs. The family is dancing. Jordan plays his wedding video on screen. Dolly is dancing. Ilahi and Mahip see it. Ilahi takes Dolly on the other side. Jahan takes Jordan and closes the video. He dances around Jordan. Jordan has to dance with everyone. Ilahi takes his USB from his pocket and replaces it. Jahan says let’s cut the cake. He says Jorrdan come. Jordan says dolly did all this for me. So I wanna do something special for her as well. He asks eveyrone to sit. He says it’s show time, I will play something special on the screen. He plays the video. It’s Ilahi and Jahan’s video in start, Ilahi says thank God.

Jordan changes the video. It plays original wedding of Jordan and Ilahi. Ilahi and Jahan are shocked. Ilahi says I changed the drive. Jahan says stop all this. Dolly asks what was that?? Jordan says deciet. You’ve been fooled. Truth is what you saw on screen. Ilahi is my wife not Jahan’s. She’s my wife. They were all pretending to get you better. Dolly is shocked. She screams. She asks is that true? Jordan says 100%. I didn’t want to do all this. Jahan forced me to do all this. I was hurting so much when they were acting as husband and wife. No one listened to. me. It was all fake. Jordan says Ilahi is Jordan’s wife? I got her married to Jahan. I did such a big sin. She screams. Inder says call the doctor. Dolly says I don’t need any doctor. I asked so many times. They always lied. She faints. Jahan takes her to the room.

Jahan gives Dolly water. She screams and says I won’t die. I don’t need water. Jahan says wedding was fake. Everything was fake, there’s no sin. She says is my relation with you also fake? Why did you lie to me?

Scene 2
Jordan throws Ilahi and Jahan’s photo from the wall and cuts it with a knife. Ilahi comes there with the cake and throws it on Jordan. He saves himself. Jordan says you look cute in anger wife. She says shut up. Yoou’re a monster. Dolly loves you so much, she did all this for you. You dont’ care about anyone’s life. he says you’re my life and I care about you. Ilahi says don’t even dare to touch me. He grabs her. Ilahi sayslet me go. Jordan says a husband doesn’t need anyone’s permission. The drama is over. I am your husband in reality. Ilahi shoves him. She says you’re not my husband. Ilahi hits him with the heel. Jordan says how dare you. He’s about to slap her. Inder comes and says Jordan.. How dare you humiliate a girl in my house. He drags him and says get out of here. Ilahi cries.

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Dolly cries. She asks Ilahi you were also a part of all this? You called me a mother and lied all this time. she screams. Inder says to Jordan get out of here. Bau ji says I am ashamed you’re my blood. Inder says he’s a crazy monster. Never show us your face again. Get out. Mahip says stop it. We can talk. Where would he go. Inder says he doesn’t understand anything. Enough, it’s over. He drags Jordan out. Jahan says we had no other way. We had to save your life. She cries. Jahan tells her everything how it happened. Dolly cries. She says this means it’s true. Ilahi is Jordan’s wife. Dolly cries and says why did you all do this to me. She cries. Ilahi says I am really sorry. Please forgive me. Dolly says ask her to go from here. Leave me alone, everyone go from here.

Scene 3
Inder shoves Jordan out and says get out of here. Mahip begs him to stop. Jordan says I don’t want t live in a house where I can’t call my wife my own wife. Mahip asks him to be quiet. Please apologize. Jordan says they gave my wife to Jahan, they should apologize. Inder is about to slap him. Jordan stops him and says enough. First you gave my wife to someone else and now you got her married to someonee else and now you will slap me? I dont’ want to live in this house myself. He is leaving. Mahip tries to stop him. Dolly comes and says stop Jordan. Dolly says you won’t go anywhere Jordan. You will live in this house. She says to Inder why are you punishing him for your mistake? You all lied and called his wife someone else’s wife. Ilahi comes. Dolly says I know who needs to go from this house.

Episode ends

Precap-Dolly throws Ilahi out of the house with her stuff. She says get out of here. Ilahi says please listen to me. Dolly says you called me mom, this mother is dead for you. Get out of here.