Junooniyat 17th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Dolly comes out of her coma


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Scene 1
The house is getting decorated. Bebe says who will bring pooja stuff? Jahan says I brought everything. Bebe says how do you know about it? He says I used to bring it in Canada every day. Tina says wow Jahan bhai you did a wonder. Jahan says say it again? She says you are my brother. Jahan smiles. Jordan comes there and kicks the stuff in anger. Bau ji says what is this Jordan? Jordan asks Suresh to bring his cold coffee. Bebe says I am doing this pooja for peace in this house. Have some shame. Mahip says go to your room Jordan. Bau ji says he has no shame. Bebe says he’s messed our peace. I wish Ilahi was here.

Bau ji’s doctor calls Ilahi. She says he didn’t come for check up? Let me speak with him. Ilahi calls Bau ji. He doesn’t pick. Ilahi calls Tina. Ilahi says I am so worried. I hope he’s okay. I need to go and check up on him. This time only bebe bau ji are home. Amar says you shouldn’t go there. You’ve left that house. Ilahi says I have not left bebe bau ji. They love me so much. I love them. He says okay I will come with you.

Scene 2
Everyone gathers for pooja. Jahan brings in Seerat and introduces her. He says she’s from Canada as well. She’s helped me a lot. we both work for Sultan. Tina says wow Seerat, have you seen Sultan? Rasika says he must be so handsome. They say can we meet him? Jahan says we can’t see his face either. He might say good bye to his mask after 4 more concerts. Jordan says I will see who he is who dared to reject me.

Ilahi keeps calling. The pooja starts. The nurse takes Dolly away from the smoke. No one picks Ilahi’s calls. Ilahi is on her way. Pooja ends. Jahan prays for his parents and Ilahi’s happiness. Ilahi comes there. She says thank God Bau ji is okay. She’s shocked to see Jahan and Baljeet. They have their eyes closed. Ilahi sees Dolly’s wheelchair moving while the nurse is busy. She’s about to fall. Ilahi rushes and saves her. Jahan says mama.. He rushes to her. Everyone rushes to Dolly.

Jahan picks her. jordan and Mahip re shocked to see Ilahi. Bau ji says Ilahi you. Ilahi says your doctor called me and said you are not coming for check up. I called you and Tina, no one picked so I came to check you. Then I came here and saw you were okay. I was gonna leave but then I saw Dolly aunty falling. Sorry I disturbed everyone. Amar says Ilahi let’s go. Ilahi leaves with Amar. Dolly holds her hand. Ilahi is shocked. Jahan is shocked as well. Dolly moves her feet. She looks at Ilahi. Jahan says mom? Dolly says Bahu.. Everyone is shocked. Jahan says mama can you speak? What did you say? She says my DIL.. Jahan’s wife. Everyone is shocked. Jahan looks at Ilahi. Jordan gets angry. Jahan hugs Dolly. He cries and says mama you are okay. Jahan gets excited. Ilahi also gets teary. Bebe says thank God our Dolly’s coma broke. Inder says Baljeet I told you Dolly will be fine when she comes home. I will throw a party and will tell the whole world you’re back. He hugs Baljeet. Jahan hugs Dolly and cries. Jordan says to Mahip what is this drama? Mahip asks her to stay calm. She says we can’t do anything right now. Dolly says why am I on wheelchair? She tries to stand. Jahan says no right now mama. Ilahi holds her. She walks with Ilahi and Jahan’s help.

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Jahan says thank God mama you’re okay. She says I had to be okay, your wife is with me. My blessing. Everyone is shocked. Dolly says Baljeet ji.. we here? Bebe says you are in your home. With your family. Inder says God fixed everything. You have also healed. Mahip says I am also very happy. I was praying for you Dolly. See you are out of coma now. She says coma? Jahan says you and papa met a major accident. She says yes. Baljeet says we were on our way to aiport for Jahan’s wedding. We met an accident. Ilahi and Amar are shocked. Dolly says I have no regret, Ilahi and Jahan got married. Ilahi is with me. She thanks Amar for getting them married even when they were not around. She says thank you for giving Jahan so much love and respect. Jordan is angry. She says thank you for getting them married. Jordan says what the hell. Baljeet asks Jahan to take her to rest. Dolly says I won’t go anywhere. I’ve to give my DIL shagun. Ilahi says auntyji please rest. She says you promised to call me mama. She takes off her chain and asks Jahan to make Ilahi wear it. Jahan says but.. She says do it. Everyone is shocked. Dolly is fainting. Jahan makes Ilahi wear the locket with shaking hands. Jordan is angry. He throws the locket and says stop this drama. Everyone is shocked. Jordan says she’s not your DIL. She’s my wife, Ilahi Jordan Mehta, she’s my mom’s DIL. Dolly’s condition gets bad. Ialhi looks at Dolly. She faints.

Episode ends

Precap-Jahan requests Ilahi to pretend to be Dolly’s DIL to save her life. Ilahi agrees. Dolly does their greh parvesh. Jordan loads his gun and tries to shoot Ilahi and Jordan. He says yyou can’t be someone else’s wife.