Junooniyat 16th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Ilahi pays back Jordan’s money


Junooniyat 16th August 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

Scene 1
Mr. Malik tells Seerat he would be late. The client gets mad at manager for calling a singer like Ilahi. Jahan hear’s Ilahi’s voice. Jordan throws money on her. Jahan comes there. He sees Ilahi singing and Jordan mocking her. Jordan says clap for the star performer. This Ilahi Dosanj Mehta, she can’t see anything other than her singing. She believes in fulfilling her dream. Today she wants money. So for money she will sing for you all. Tomorrow, for the same money she might dance as well. People talk about Ilahi. Jahan gets angry so does Husna. Ilahi keeps singing. Jordan snatches the mic. Jahan stops him. Ilahi is shocked. Seerat says what is Jahan doing. Jordan says see who’s here. My wife’s e.. Jahan shuts up Jordan adn says please carry on. He’s drunk. Jahan drags Jordan out. Jahan says are you out of your mind. How can you insult Ilahi like that. Jordan says she’s my wife. Why do you come after her? You are her ex lover. Seerat hears it. Jahan says stop this rubbish. Jordan says I am saying the truth you ex-lover. jahan says enough. Seerat says Ilahi is the girl Jahan loved.

Ilahi says sorry for the disturbance. I will perform a song that will add color to this wedding. Ilahi sings, people start enjoying. Jahan says to Jordan enough of this. Jordan falls. Jahan says I will take him to the car. Seerat cries. Husna says to Ilahi what will we do now? Ilahi says we will have to return the advance as well. Ilahi says to the client, I am very sorry so much drama happened. She says it’s okay. She gives her shagun. She says I spoke to Mrs. Arora. You set an exmaple to not bow down to wrong. You gave all girls a right message here. You’re so strong. I hope you get rid of that animal soon. Ilahi gets happy. Husna says yes we won’t have to return the money either. Husna goes to get things.

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Seerat comes in and asks Ilahi so how much money did you get? Ilahi says you here? Jahan says Ilahi, are you okay? She says yes. Seerat says Jahan we are getting late. Jahan asks is everything okay? Why are yyou singing here. Husna says what else would she do? she has so much self-respect. Jahan says I can give you loan if you need. Ilahi says I don’t need your help. Thank you for all that you did today. If you wanna help me stay away. Jahan woners why Ilahi needs money.

Scene 2
Jordan comes to Ilahir’s area with a crane. Lucky sees him. He rushes inside. Amar says what is all this? He says it can break houses, let me show with your house. Amar says shut up. Jordan says I told your daughter to return the money in 3 days so now I can break it. Now I will have to return it. Biji and Ginni request him not wrong. Amar says this is wrong. Mahip comes and says we decide what is right or wrong. You kept your daughter here, is that right? SHe asks Jordan to drive the bulldozer, Ginni, Biji and Amar stand in front of the bulldozer. He keesp driving. Amar says I wont’ let you do this. He’s about to hit Amar. Someone throws a bag full of money on his face. Ilahi stands in front of Amar. Jordan checks it. Ilahi says it’s 10 lacs count it. Everyone is shocked. Ilahi drums a plate and walks Jordan back. Jordan leaves, everyone claps for Ilahi. Amar hugs Ilahi. The bulldozer leaves.

Amar says Ilahi they stooped so low. You saved our family. Salute to you. You’re a tigress. Lucky says she is a queen. Amar asks where did you get the money? Ilahi tells the manager was so happy with her performance. She said you didn’t let the function ruin. You will sing in all my events. She gave her advance. Ilahi said thank you. You don’t know it’s important. Husna hugs her. Amar says you wont’ have to go back to that animal.

Episode ends