Junooniyat 15th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Seerat and Jordan shake hands


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Scene 1
Inspector comes out and stops Jordan from burning himself. He’s surrounded by fire. They get him out. Inspector says get out of here, don’t do this drama here. Jordan leaves. Jahan asks constable if he can make a call. He calls Seerat. He says Ilahi and I got arrested. She says let me try doing something. Ilahi asks why didn’t you get this idea before? He says in heart I wanted to sit with you alone and clear all misunderstandings from past. Jordan is drunk driving. Inspector says to Jahan you should have told us before you’re DIG’s special man. He releases them. Jahan says in heart you’ve to pay for all the pain you gave to Ilahi. I will give Ilahi so much love she’ll forget all her pain.

Jordan comes to Seerat’s house. Seerat says why are you here? We can’t talk right now. He says we will talk today my future manager. You called me to come urgently so I did. Seerat shoves him. He says what is it? Seerat asks why were Ilahi and Jahan in jail? I had to get them out. Jordan says thank you so much. You know they both love each other. If they were alone they’d spend the whole night together there. It’s very dangerous right? What else did you call me here for? Seerat says go home. Jordan says love can’t be hidden. I knwo you love Jahan.. Your eyes say it clearly.

Scene 2
Jahan and Ilahi come home. Inder says how dare Jordan do all this. He lied to us that he booked you both a hotel room. Mahip says why is he adamant of getting his deal cancelled. Seerat asks Jordan why did you get them arrested? Jordan says he was marrying my wife. He shows Seerat pictures. Jordan says feeling bad? You made him Sultan, you supported him in his worst time. You came to India for him and he kicked you out of his life. Very bad, you shhould feel bad. Like I do when he roams around with my wife Ilahi. Ilahi is mine. Seerat says why are you both crazy over Ilahi? Jordan says the same way you are crazy after Jahan. If we shake hands, we can get our love.

Bau ji asks Ilahi why didn’t you tell us? Ilahi says we couldn’t let Dolly know. Bau ji says I will not leave him. Ilahi says don’t say anything. Jahan says I know how to control him. Jordan says to Seerat just supported me, I will manage everything. Seerat shakes hand with him.

Scene 3
Jahan burns candle and spills wax on Jordan. He screams. Jordan wakes up, his hands are tied. Jordan says have you lost your mind? Let me go. Jahan says Ilahi felt the same pain. she must have cried the same way when you burned her hand. Jordna says I didn’t do anything. Jahan says why did you do this? You said you loved her. Burning her hand, slapping her, insulting her, is that love? Jordan says because of you. I used to see her in you. She always used to miss you. I had to do that to make her forget you. Jahan says she came here with a clean heart. It’s you who didn’t forget me. Jahan strangles Jordan. Jordan says you can’t do anything. Jahan says I got what I wanted. Jordan says are you talking about Ilahi? Jahan says you could have Ilahi if you respected her and loved her. But you only gave her pain. Now I will make sure you give her divorce. Jordan says I will be Sultan in 5 days. Jahan says you have to do what I asked first. Dont’ play any games this time or your game will be over. Jahan shows him a video of Jahan giving Sultan’s mask to Jordan and says I will prove you’re a fraud. You will lose your own name too.

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Scene 4
Ilahi prepares breakfast. Dolly says you came back from hotel so early? Ilahi says I was missing you all. She says where is your mangalsutra? And no sindur? Ilahi says I forgot. Dolly says where is Jahan? Jahan says I am here. DOlly says you ask Ilahi to work all day. Jahan sys she works herself. Ilahi says it’s not him, I like doing all this. I made your favorite poha. Jahan says that’s my favorite as well. Ilahi says let mama eat first. He takes it from her and eats. Dolly asks Jahan to make tea for Ilahi. Ilahi says let me help him. Dolly leaves. Ilahi gives Jahan all ingredients. They make tea together. Ilahi recalls their past moments. Jahan burns his hand. Ilahi runs water on his hand. Ilahi asks Jahan you said you will control Jordan. But how? Why is he silent so far? Why didn’t he tell Dolly anything? I know he’s angry but what’s keeping him silent? Jahan says come let’s serve tea. Ilahi says are you hiding something? You said you wanted to start this friendship from start. Frienship is based on truth. Please tell me what’s the truth. Jahan recalls his deal. Jahan says Ilahi.. Tina comes and asks for tea. Jahan goes with her. Ilahi says Jahan is hiding something for sure.

Jordan asks his friends are you all ready for tomorrow/ They say yes they’re ready to go to the wedding. Jordan says in heart they dont’ recall my birthday? Jordan leaves in anger. Jordan comes home. He’s excited. He says I am sure there’s a surprise inside. There will be lights and music and celebrations. He comes in. No one is there. Jordan says mom dad? Where are you? He recalls ow they used to celebrate for him. Jordan says they must be in the kitchen. He says there’s no cake. No one even remembers my birthday. He sees a cake on table. He says I knew you were all surprising me. Come out, let’s cut the cake. It’s Ilahi, she says happy birthday Jordan.

Epsiode ends