Junooniyat 14th July 2023 Written Episode Update: Amar asks Ilahi to go back to Jordan

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Scene 1
Ilahi asks Amar to not go. Jahan comes home. Seerat is watching TV. Jahan says I was calling an you’re not picking your call and you had 10 missed calls. Your mom was calling you all day. She says I am not talking to you. You avoided me so much. I was calling you 10 times you didn’t pick it. I was new here. It was raining. Jahan says I am sorry I was stuck somewhere. She says it’s okay. It was such a bad weather. You were enjoying the weather with your girlfriend. He says I found her fainted on a road. Seerat is shocked. She says who? Jahan says the girl I love.

Amar says to Ilahi I was so scared, thank God you’re okay. She says I was saved from there because of your prayers only. Jordan left me alone there to die. He says you’re so brave. She cries. Amar says don’t worry about anything now. She says please take me with you. He says we will go home only. Amar recalls everything. Jahan says I never thought I would see her in this condition. It was jungle, she was injured and fainted there. What was she doing there? How was she alone? I thought she’s moved on and she’s happy in her life. But what was she doing there? She had an accident. Where was her husband? Did someone do it on purpose? Seerat says she will be fine. Herr family is there with her. You can talk to her later.

Scene 2
Amar says why is Ilahi accusing Jordan. I think she had some shock to the brain. She left in the auto herself. But she’s our DIL. If there’s any of jordan’s fault I wont’ leave him. Amar says no no both are very mature. There might be a misunderstanding. Amar requests if he can take Ilahi with her. Inder says she’s your daughter, you can take her. Mahip says this generation gets immature, we elders have to tell them how to take things. Biji says Amar will talk to Ilahi. Jordan gives him Ilahi’s phone. He says don’t worry I will talk to Ilahi.

Jahan comes to the hospital. He comes to the room but Ilahi isn’t there. Jahan wonders if she got discharged. Amar takes Ilahi to the car. He goes back in to get her things. Jahan asks receptionist about Ilahi. The receptionist says she got discharged. She left with her dad. Jahan says Mr. Mehta? She says no her own dad, Mr. Amar. Amar sees jahan. He’s shocked. He comes towards Jahan but a nurse stops him for discharge papers. Jahan leaves. Amar asks the receptionist aboutt the guy. she says the same guy brought Ilahi here yesterday. Amar is shocked, he gets angry. She gieves him the file. Jahan wonders why did Ilahi go with Amar and not with Jordan? He says there is something for sure. Amar runs after him but Jahan sits in the car before Amar could get to him. Jahan drives away. Amar wonders why did he come back and why did he bring Ilahi here? He says this means Ilahi was with him yesterday? Was her condition because of him? He goes to his car.

Scene 3
Ilahi comes home. Biji says thank God she’s okay. She asks Ginni to bring milk. Ginni says why is she here? What if she stays here forever? Biji says I won’t let that happen. Ilahi says thank you daddy ji for bringing me here. I would never go back to that house again. Amar is shocked. She consoles him. Biji says what are you saying? That is your house. People will talk about you. Amar says she’s not well. We will talk about it later. This is also her home. Ilahi gets a call. It’s jordan. She cuts it. Amar asks why did you cut it Ilahi? She says I want to rest. Ilahi leaves. Jordan keeps calling her. He says how dare she cut my call. Bebe comes to Jordan and asks why didn’t you go to meet Ilahi? He says she’s not picking my call why would I go. She says Jordan? Bebe asks what’s going on between you two? She was sleeping in guest room that day too. Tell me, I can talk to her. Mahip says I will tell you bebe. Problem is your other grandson Jahan. Ilahi hasn’t forgotten him yet. That’s the problem between Ilahi and Jordan.

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Jahan comes outside Ilahi’s house. He says how did she get there? I will find out that truth. Ilahi cries in her room. Biji cries and says what drama is she doing now. She has a new problem now. She said she wont’ go back. She’s acting just like her mom. She also left her family to sing. Ginni says she’s doing all this for Jahan. She still loves him. Jordan is so educated, he cares for her. He can’t harm Ilahi. Biji says it’s upto you. You can fix her marriage or you can let her do these things. Amar says I wont’ leave that Jahan. Jahan comes outside. Dharam stops him.

Mahip says she’s not as innocent as you think. Jordan says she only thinks about her career. She doesn’t care about anything else. Mahip says she acts nice. Only we know how she’s like. She’s jealous of Jordan’s career. She wants him to work for her only. We’ve spoken to people. But it is taking time. She got upset over it. She got angry and left the car. Bebe says we should talk to her. Mahip says only her dad can talk to her now. Amar says to Ilahi don’t cry. He caresses her face. Ilahi says it feels better to be at my own home. He says you promised me you will never hide anything from me. He says tell me truth. Did you fight with jordan? She says fight? That man is crazy. He’s not what he pretend to be like. She tells him everything. She says I am telling the truth. She says i would have died. Thank God that man brought me to the hospital. Amar recalls it was jahan. Ilahi says I know it’s not easy for you to trust this. But I am not lying. Jordan is an animal. I’ve decided I will not go back to that crazy man. I will stay here with you, in my own home. Amar says no Ilahi. You’ve to go back to him. He says relationships are more valuable than dreams. Please go back and fix your marriage. Otherwise you will see my dead face. Ilahi is shocked.

Episode ends

Precap-Amar comes to Jahan and hits him. He says if you ever loved Ilahi you will not show your face to her promise me. Jahan says I promise you I will never meet her. Jordan says to Ilahi will you come back home? Ilahi says husband and wife have to be there for each other. If you agree, I am ready to come back.