Junooniyat 13th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Shastri comes to the wedding


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Scene 1
Dolly comes to Ilahi. She’s teary. Ilahi asks why are you crying? she says these are happy tears. I wanted to see you as a bride always. Ilahi cries. Dolly asks what hapened? She says I was missing my mom. Dolly says I am your mom. She hugs her. Dolly does Jahan’s arti. Bebe and Dolly sing for Jahan. Varun asks Pandit ji to do as Jahan said. Dolly looks around for Shastri ji. Ilahi comes to pandit. Jahan looks at her. Ilahi recalls their moments together. Jahan says I wish this marriage was real. I will win her heart once all of this resolves. Jahan takes Ilahi to the mandap. Jordan gets drunk. He looks at them. ilahi and Jahan make each other wear garland. Dolly says go ahead. Ilahi and Jahan make each other wear garland. Jordan comes in anger. Mahip stops them. She says don’t give yourself this pain. Let go of Ilahi and become sultan. Focus on yourself. Dolly asks Tina to their picture. Jordan says I will take. Jahan asks Ilahi are you tensed? she says yes, I can’t smile. Dolly asks them to smile. Dolly wonders where is Shastri ji.

Shastri ji omes there. Jahan and Ilahi are shocked. Bau ji says you here? Dolly says I called him here. I want him to conduct Ilahi and Jahan’s wedding. Ilahi says we sent him to the bus. What do we do now? Jahan says I don’t know. Shastri says I got late. Someone pranked me. Jordan says why do we need him when we have pandit ji already? Dolly says he’s an elder. Don’t say such things. Mahip says to Jordan it’s too late. Don’t do anything. Relax. Shastri sits in the mandap. Jordan gets angry.

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Shastri asks Dolly to tie their knot. Ilahi says I need to go to restroom. Jordan comes to police station to file a complaint. He says my wife is marrying someone else. Bebe says to Bau ji do something. This is a real wedding. Jahan assks Tina to bring something. Inspector says to Jordan you must abuse your wife. jordan says I love her a lot. The inspector says why would she marry someone else then? We can’t come with you. Jordan makes their video. He says you’ve to come with me. They agree to come with him. Jordan gets on the way with police. Shastri asks Ilahi and Jahan to stand up for pheray. Ilahi and Jahan start the pheray. Ilahi is scared. Jahan says Ilahi we should tell mama. Ilahi says she’s so happy. We can’t do that. Jahan says but we can’t let this happen either. Ilahi says I know what will happen next. Shastri ji is fainting. Jahan stops. He asks are you okay? Ilahi and Tina mixed sleeping pills in his water. Ilahi says probably he took some meds. Dolly says let’s wait for the pherya. Bebe says the other pandit ji can continue.

Pandit ji continues. Ilahi and Jahan take the pheray. Dolly asks Jahan to fill Ilahi’s hairline. Jahan fills her hairline. Jordan comes outside with the police.

Episode ends

Precap-Police arrests Ilahi. Jahan waits for her there. Jordan puts everything on fire.