Junooniyat 12th June 2023 Written Episode Update


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Amardeep separates Ilahi from Jahan. He assures Ilahi that he won’t leave anywhere, leaving her alone. Mahi smirks at her. Amardeep throws Jahan out of his house. He closes the door on his face, not giving heed to his words. Ilahi tries to talk with Jahan. Biji drags Ilahi from the terrace. Meanwhile, Mehtha stops Jordan from going out. He says that if he doesn’t go out, then Jahan will marry her. He loves her so he has to stop this wedding. Mehtha asks him if Ilahi loves him? He recalls her words. Jordan says that she was happy with him at Varun’s wedding. He shows her picture to him and says that she was happy with him. Jahan tries to separate him from her.

Jahan tries to contact his parents but their phone is not reachable. Dharmendra hugs him to console him. He assures him that he is there for him. Jahan tells him that he is not able to reach his parents. Ilahi asked Amardeep to open the door for her. Jahan isn’t a liar. He was loyal to her and his love was also true. She can’t live without him. She is nothing without him. Because of him, she got her voice back. She tries to convince him. Ilahi hears his flute sound and watches him through the window. Husna requested Amardeep to release Ilahi. Ilahi sings there to vent out her emotions. Amardeep recalls his moments with Diljhot. Ginni shares her happiness with Happy. They are eating sweets and snacks without anyone’s knowledge. Meanwhile, Grandma says to her son that she isn’t thinking that Jahan will do like that. Baljeet would sacrifice his happiness for others. He won’t think badly about others. He saved Varun’s life by donating his blood. She won’t believe that Jahan will betray them. She says to Mehtha, let’s take Jahan home and talk with him. Meanwhile, Jordan inquires Mahi. How is Ilhai?

She tells him that a wedding is a halt. He hugs her in happiness. She assured him that he might believe his mom. Amardeep opens the door for Ilahi. Ilahi hugs him in happiness. He asks her to go and take him. Ilahi rushes out of the house to meet Jahan. Biji and Ginni stop Ilahi. Happy scolds her for trying to meet him. Amardeep asks her to leave her. He is doing the right thing. He could support his daughter’s love. If her love is true, then they will prove it. He gives permission to him to meet him. Happy asks him to think about it once again. He said that he had decided. Ilahi hugs Jahan. Mahi reveals to her family members what actually happened at the wedding. She makes them believe that Jahan did it all. They think that they framed them as the culprit. Mehtha asks her why he didn’t take revenge on him. What’s the need to take revenge on his son? Varun says that he won’t leave him for hurting his brother. She asks him not to do anything in anger. If we do anything against him, then the situation is a favour for him. He planned to send him to jail for 15 years. Her son escaped from it. Mehtha wishes to meet him but Mahi stops him. His mom says that she doesn’t want to create more drama in her house. Mahi smirks at Jordan.

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Later, Jahan asks her to believe it. He loves her a lot. He doesn’t like Jordan, but he doesn’t hate him. He is aware that Ilahi is his obsession, not love. Ilahi says that she is trusting him and loving him. Jahan says that they don’t want to prove it to anyone. He asks her to promise him that she will take care of herself. He doesn’t have any evidence to prove his innocence. He just needed her trust in him. Ilahi asks him to wait for her. He shouldn’t leave go anywhere. He assures her. She assures him to convince Amardeep. Ilahi says to Amardeep that he doesn’t have anything to prove himself. Jahan will definitely prove himself. No one is giving time to him to explain himself. He is her love, so he has to meet him and give them a chance. Meanwhile, Jahan is shocked to hear that his parents met with an accident. They are admitted to the ICU. He shares the location with him. He asks Jahan to reach there asap. He recalls his parents’ moments with them. Jahan breaks into tears. Mahi confirmed with his henchman that he shared the news with Jahan. Mahi assures him that he will get his money. Amardeep refuses to talk with Jahan. He doesn’t want to talk with him after what happened today. He isn’t a good person. It’s a matter of her life. He doesn’t think that he will make her happy. Ilahi expresses her love for Jahan and pleads with him to meet Jahan once. She wouldn’t ask him anything. She is ready to listen to him.

Jahan packs his things to leave for London and booked the tickets. Amardeep agrees to meet Jahan. Ilahi searches for him after he went from there. She notices that he is missing in his room. His mobile is there. Jahan wishes to contact Ilahi and finds that his mobile is missing. He asks the driver to drop him at the airport asap. He wishes to talk with her after reaching the airport. Ilahi searches for Jahan and is about to hit a truck. Jordan saves her. He informs her that he has left her. She says that he did something to him. She requests him to give Jahan back to her. She sits on her knee to plead with him. Jahan calls Ilahi’s phone but Biji attends the call. He informs her that his parents met with an accident. He is going to Canada. He wishes to talk with her but Biji disconnected the call. Ilahi blames that Jordan did something to Jahan. He says that she loves him but he doesn’t love her. Jordan lies to her that his parents left him. He shows her a video of Jahan’s boarding pass. She is not able to believe him. Grandpa asks Mahi why didn’t she inform them when she found them? Mahi lies to them that she found them two days before. She was hurt when he came here to take revenge on them. She successfully manipulates everyone against Jahan and his parents. Ilahi breaks into tears.

Precap: Biji complains to Mahi that Ilahi’s wedding was halted because of her. Who will marry her? Mahi tells her who is loving her truly. She adds that Jordan will marry her. Later, Ilahi reaches the mandap. Jordan and Ilahi exchange garlands. They take pehras together. Jahan tries to contact Ilahi.