Junooniyat 11th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Jahan realizes his love for Ilahi


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Scene 1
Ilahi plays Jordan’s guitar. She recalls everything. Jordan comes to her. He says return my guitar. I don’t like anyone touching my things. Ilahi says I also don’t like anyone touching my people either. Especially my dad. If you have any problem with me, talk to me. Don’t use my dad. Jahan sees Husna on road in the rain. He asks what are you doing here? She says I am waiting for my sister. How is Ilahi? Jahna is silent. Ilahi keeps playing the guitar. Jordan throws mud on her. She protects herself with the guitar. It gets all dirty. Jordan says what did you do? Jahan says to Husna I’ve never felt so helpless before. Ilahi ahs to go through so much. I can’t see this. Husna says can I ask you something? Do you still love Ilahi. Jahan imagines Ilahi. He goes in the rain and dances with her imagination. Ilahi asks do you love me? Jahan says more than my life. Husna says Jahan.. He comes back to reality.

Jordan says to Ilahi God doesn’t want you and Jahan to be together either. His fake sindur wept off with rain. Ilahi says it was fake so it spilled off. But you applied real, that also spilled. Your reality was fake. I saw your real face on time. You only love yourself. Husna says to Jahan I want you to keep Ilahi happy. She’s always lived there for others. She stills loves you. She’s in that house because of you as well. She can never stop loving you. Jahan recalls everything. Husna says you are her first love. Jahan says Ilahi said all this? She says no. She didn’t. The same way you didn’t tell her you still love her. Jordan says to Ilahi you’re only mine. No one else can touch you. I wont’ let this fake wedding happen. Jahan did so many mistakes. Ilahi says he never hit me, never insulted my family. I will do anything to save Dolly, even if it’s a fake wedding.

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Husna says to Jahan Ilahi still loves you. Jahan says but.. Husna says you’ve to try. You will regret this all your life. You should tell her. This fake wedding is your best chance. Jahan thinks about Ilahi. He cries. He says thank you Husna. Thank you for showing me the way out. He smiles.

Scene 2
The next morning, the pandit comes. Ilahi asks Jahan did you tell him what to do? The fake pandit says the mahorat is after 10 days. Jahan is shocked. He says enough. You said there’s also another mahorat after 1 day. Dolly says let him see. He says yes there’s a mahorat after 1 day as well. Dolly says how will we manage in one day. Jahan says we will handle everything. Dolly says to Ilahi and Jahan we’ve to go somewhere.

Dolly takes them out for shopping. Ilahi tries bridal dresses. Jahan looks at her. Mahip says she looks pretty. Ilahi checks our different dresses. Jahan picks her pallu from the floor. He says it was on the floor. Ilahi checks different dresses. Jordan also comes there. Mahip hides. Jordan tries a kurta. He picks the one Ilahi picked. Dolly says you’d only like what Ilahi chose. You choose one for Ilahi as well. Jahan says to Ilahi let it be. She says pick anything it’s all drama anyway. I will see. Jordan comes there. He says hi, you have shaken my mind. I always go around you. Every day is a new drama. You are doing real shopping for fake wedding. Ilahi says I am doing all this for Dolly. Dolly calls someone and says please get there. It’s very important for my son and DIL. She says our pandit ji will come and arrange the wedding.

Scene 2
Mehndi starts. Dolly asks them to apply mehndi and write Jahan’s name. Ilahi’s family comes. Jahan sings a song. Ilahi looks at him. Jahan dances with bebe and Dolly. Jordan comes and dances around Ilahi. Jahan stops him.He says to Dolly I have a surprise for you. He has I and J written on his hand.

Episode ends