Junior Ghajini Ashish Maitree SS(RajMeet Lakhan Avni as supporting jodies) Part1

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Junior Ghajini Part 1

I dedicate this SS to 


who wanted me to write a story on the telugu movie 

Bhale Bhale Magadivoy which is remade in Kannada as Sundaranga Jaana  and in Tamil as Ghajinikanth.I have taken only the plot of the movie,the scenes are different from the movie.

I thank my dearest friend ingenuity_phoenix for the beautiful cover page.


Lakhan and Avni were watching the movie ‘Ghajini’.They witnessed Sanjay Singhania’s(Aamir Khan)short term memory loss scenes.

Lakhan:It’s so sad that he has short term memory loss.

Avni:Ya…poor guy.

Suddenly Avni started having labor pain.

Avni started moaning.

Lakhan:What happened?

Avni:I think the baby is going to come out.

Lakhan was shocked:Oh no!

Immediately he took Avni to the hospital and she delivered a baby boy.

Avni and Lakhan smiled at each other.




Avni and Lakhan smiled looking at the baby in the cradle.

Avni:Our son is so cute.

Lakhan:Yes..he is.

She smiled.

Lakhan:Ashish beta…..

Avni:So you named our baby.

Lakhan:Yes.Did’nt you like the name?

Avni:Yes.I liked it.

He smiled.




After 7 years….

Avni asked Ashish:Ashish…you teacher rang up and asked me why we did’nt attend the PTA meeting.Why did’nt you inform us about the PTA meeting?

Ashish:Sorry Maa.I forgot.

Lakhan:How can you forget such an important thing?

Avni:Lakhan…relax…he is a small child.Kids do forget.

Lakhan did not say anything.




Another day….

Avni opened Ashish’s tiffin box after he reached home from school.It was full of the food items which she had kept in the tiffin box.

Avni:Ashish,why did’nt you have the food I sent you?I kept your favourite food items in the tiffin box.

Ashish:I was talking to my friends.So I forgot to eat it.

Avni looked at Lakhan.

Avni:Lakhan,I have been noticing that Ashish is always forgetting things.

Lakhan:When you were about to give birth to him you were watching ‘Ghajini’ which was about shirt term memory loss.Unfortunately it has affected him.


Lakhan said painfully:I think he has memory issues.

Avni was shattered:What?

After 18 years….

Ashish got ready to go to office.

Avni and Lakhan were shocked to see him.

Ashish:Why you both are staring at me like this?Why you both are giving me a shocked expression?

Lakhan:Junior Ghajini…you forgot to wear your pant.Will you go to office like this?

Ashish looked at his bare legs and got embarrassed.

Ashish ran to his room to wear pants.

Avni:Lakhan,don’t taunt my son by calling him ‘Junior Ghajini’.

Lakhan:You keep pampering him.But don’t forget his defect.

Avni became dull.

Ashish returned wearing pants.

Lakhan:Ashish…there is a marriage proposal for you.The famous industrialist Mukund Kapoor’s daughter.Today please come back home early.Because Mukund will come here to meet you before proceeding the marriage proposal.

Ashish:Ok dad.I will come home early.




Mukund visited the Tiwari house.But Ashish had not reached home.He waited for 3 hours.Still Ashish did’nt land up.Mukund lost cool.

Mukund:What is this?Where is your son?I waited so much.

Avni and Lakhan were embarrassed.

Lakhan:Sorry.I think he is busy with his work.That’s why.

Mukund:But he could have informed us.I would’nt have wasted my time.Anyways I am leaving.

Lakhan-Avni became upset.

Ashish reached there.

Lakhan-Avni were relieved to see him.

Mukund looked at Ashish.

Mukund:You are Ashish.Right?

Ashish:Yes.Sorry…I could’nt recognize you.

Lakhan:Ashish..I told you about Mr.Mukund Kapoor visiting our home to meet you.

Ashish got embarrassed.He thought:Oh no…I forgot about that and went out with my friend.So this is Mukund Kapoor.

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Ashish: Sorry,I forgot that you will be coming home to meet me.

Mukund:What?How can you forget that?

Ashish:Actually since childhood I have memory issues.

Mukund was shocked.Lakhan and Avni were also shocked as they did not expect Ashish to confess his defect to Mukund.

Mukund stared at Lakhan and Avni:You hid such a big thing from me?Glad that your son’s truth is out.I will never get my daughter married to him.

Mukund walked out.Lakhan and Avni were sad while Ashish was cool.

Lakhan:Why did you tell him about your memory issue?All your marriage proposals got cancelled because of your memory problem.I thought atleast this one will work.

Ashish:After marriage if this short tempered person had come to know about my memory issue,he would have asked his daughter to divorce me.Good that he came to know it now itself.

Lakhan and Avni were upset.




A middle aged lady from the old age home went out and met with an accident.A girl who came that way saw her lying on the road.

She:Somebody please help.We have to take her to the hospital.

Nobody listened to her.

She:Nobody has humanity.Pathetic!

Ashish who saw this stopped his car and went near them.Before she could seek his help,

Ashish told her:Let us take her to the hospital.

She:Thanks a lot.

They both took her to the hospital by Ashish’s car.

The old lady was taken to the operation theatre.Suddenly Ashish noticed her face.

Ashish’s face blossomed.

Ashish thought:She looks so pretty.

Suddenly Ashish got a phone call asking him to come for an urgent meeting in the office.

Ashish told her:I am sorry.I need to leave for an important meeting.

She:Ok.Your name?

Ashish took out his identity card from his pocket and gave it to her.Then he ran out.




In the night ….

Ashish bought snacks from the shop.They told him the price.Suddenly that girl rang him up.

Girl:Hi Ashish…I called you to thank you.

Ashish did not understand anything.

Ashish:Why are you thanking me?Who are you?How do you know my name?

She:My name is Maitree.I got to know your name from your ID card.Today morning you helped me to take an old lady to the hospital.I wanted to thank you for that.

Ashish thought:Oh!I had forgotten that incident totally.I was searching for my ID card and I had forgotten where I had kept it.Now I understood that I did a blunder by giving it to her.

She:Only a few people like you have the good heart to do that.The patient got saved only because you helped me to take her to the hospital on time.

Ashish smiled remembering her pretty face.

Ashish:You also have a good heart.That’s why you took the initiative to take her to the hospital.

Maitree smiled.

Ashish:I wanted my ID card back.It’s essential.

Maitree:Ok.I will come and give it to you.Where should I come?

Ashish:I will come and take it from you.Tell me where I should come.

Maitree:I have a dance school named ‘Art of dance’.You can meet me there.

Ashish:Ya…I have heard of it.I will come there tomorrow.Bye.

Maitree smiled:Bye!

After cutting the call, Ashish forgot the price of the snacks he has to give the shop keeper.So he gave random amount of money.

The shopkeeper thought:He gave me double money.He has a good heart.