Jiya Shankar Responds to Backlash: Clarifies Tweet as a Joke Amid World Cup Criticism

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Actress Jiya Shankar, renowned for her participation in Bigg Boss OTT 2, recently faced a backlash from netizens after she suggested fans watch her vlog instead of the India vs. Australia World Cup final match. As India faced a defeat, Jiya Shankar took to her X account to promote her vlog, stating that nothing significant was left in the match.

This move triggered negative responses from followers who accused her of being a ‘sellout’ and questioned her concern for the country’s performance on such a grand stage. Jiya Shankar’s tweet, “Mera vlog hi dekh lo ab kya hi bacha hai,” accompanied by the vlog link, became the subject of criticism.

One follower commented, “India haare bhaad me jaye, promotion ni rukni chahiye,” and similar sentiments echoed across social media, spreading disapproval. Jiya Shankar, responding to the backlash on her X account, stood up against the trolls, asserting, “I’m nobody’s punching bag! If you can’t take a joke, that’s on you! Everyone’s sad right now, so am I. If I go on random people’s tweets, there must be so much going on, but if a celebrity does something, some people are ready to throw their frustration at us. Delete kardo, cancel kar do, ban kardo. Imagine that happening with you for literally the stupidest reasons of all! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!”

In a subsequent tweet, Jiya clarified that her initial post was meant as a joke, urging people to grow up and learn to take a jest in good humor. Expressing her frustration over trolls ruining her weekend and day, she urged them to introspect before spreading negativity. Jiya emphasized that she doesn’t care about public opinion as long as she knows her intentions were harmless and not meant to hurt anyone.

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