Jhanak 9th July 2024 Written Episode Update: Mrinalini presents the proof

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The Episode starts with Mrinalini saying I have to talk to you in private. Inspector asks the constable to take Jhanak to the waiting area. He sends the staff outside. Mrinalini asks Jhanak not to worry. Jhanak says no, I m not scared, I didn’t do anything. She asks Choton why are you crying. He says I don’t know if we can save you or not. She says I will get saved if its written in fate, why did Bablu take an off from the shop and come here. The lady inspector asks her to stop the drama and go out. Jhanak asks her to say it with manners. They all go out. Mrinalini sits and talks to the inspector. He seems shocked. Tanuja and Bipasha ask Shubh to find out about the case filing. He asks them not to worry. She asks will Jhanak come back here. He says let her come, I won’t let her come back, I will see what he does.

Bipasha says I will call Bablu and ask him. Shubh asks her to keep the phone on speaker. She calls Bablu and asks did Anirudh reach there. He asks what. She says he came home and left for the police station. He says no, he didn’t come. She asks about Jhanak. He says interrogation is going on, I don’t know anything. She asks will the police arrest her or send her home. He says I don’t know. She says fine. She ends the call. Shubh says Bablu has pity for Jhanak, he thinks everyone is simple. Dadi says yes, but Jhanak has committed this crime. He says yes, he is supporting outsiders in tough times. Tanuja says Anirudh didn’t reach there, will Jhanak come back home. He says don’t worry, I have a solution if she comes back, its not a little crime, she is charged for murder, we will prove this, I will not leave Jhanak, she attacked Arshi. Anirudh comes to the police station and ignores Jhanak. Mrinalini says drop Jhanak home, and don’t tell this to anyone. The lady inspector says okay, we request you to not tell anything to Vishal. Mrinalini says don’t worry, can we take Jhanak with us. Inspector says no, she can’t go with you. Anirudh comes to the inspector. He asks how did you come here. Mrinalini says I had to come. Anirudh asks about the investigation. Inspector says its completed. Mrinalini says he is going home to tell them the case development. Anirudh says give me guarantee, if Jhanak did this crime then she should get punished. Jhanak is shocked hearing this. He says Arshi is suffering from mental trauma, her feet are burnt, I don’t know if she can dance again or not, she could have died. Mrinalini says I agree with you, if Jhanak did the mistake then she will get punished. Inspector says I will get the proof, you go. She asks will you get Jhanak along. He says yes. Anirudh thanks him. He says Arshi should get justice, and the culprit should get punished. Inspector says sure. Anirudh sees Jhanak there and leaves. Mrinalini says we are going home, you have to come with the police, take care. She leaves.

Choton fixes a big screen in the hall. Bablu asks what’s this. Anjana asks did you see the evidence. Choton says police will get the proof, you sit calm. Mrinalini says police team will be coming. Tanuja says I liked one thing, you call the right as right and raise voice against the wrong. Mrinalini thanks her. Tanuja says you have done good work, you insisted the police to collect evidence against Jhanak, but I don’t understand, if police has a proof against her, then why are they showing the proof to us, its not imp. Shubh says yes, they can take the proof to the court. Mrinalini says this confusion will get cleared when they come, they have solid proof, criminal can’t step back if the proof is presented. Bipasha says yes, right, she can’t step back, she will get punished, I m thinking about Shrishti, Arshi reached the hospital from mandap. Lal says all this happened because of Jhanak. Appu comes and asks Anjana is Jhanak coming. Anjana says yes. Shubh scolds Appu. Bablu says just Mrinalini and police know about the proof, I just know that Jhanak can’t do any mistake. Dadi asks is Mrinalini lying, police is getting proof, you are saying Jhanak is innocent. Dadu asks them not to argue. Bablu asks can’t I trust Jhanak. Dadi says you can’t trust her after seeing the proof. Mrinalini asks will you trust her seeing her igniting the fire. Bablu says I will die before seeing that. Shubh taunts him. Bablu says its about trust, if she breaks my trust, then I can’t trust anyone. Tanuja says we never trusted or loved Jhanak, you love her, I m sure you will feel bad. Lal gets Vinayak and Shrishti there.

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He says you have a right to see the evidence, you have already seen the truth, the ones who misunderstood you will rectify their mistake. Bipasha says Shrishti doesn’t need anyone’s validation. Shrishti says police didn’t come till now. Mrinalini says police will come in some time. Shrishti asks why is Jhanak coming here. Mrinalini says I asked them to present the evidence in front of the criminal. Vinayak asks does police have evidence against Jhanak. Shrishti asks him to believe the police. He says no, I can’t trust anyone. Mrinalini says police is coming with the proof. Shrishti thinks what proof did they get, maybe it’s the cctv footage. She says I can’t tolerate Jhanak, she tried to kill my daughter. Anirudh comes and says nothing got ruined, Arshi will get fine and come back, we will complete the marriage, I will always support Arshi, if Jhanak is guilty then she will get punished. Shrishti says this happened because of you, you should have got rid of that girl, you have harmed Arshi to save Jhanak. Anirudh says no one has seen anything except you, so we should wait for the proof, whoever is the criminal, she will be punished, don’t worry. Shrishti says Anirudh is innocent, I hope you don’t talk of forgiving Jhanak. Anirudh says you have a big misunderstanding. Vinayak says we are here to know the truth. Mrinalini goes to Choton and asks him to stop staring at her. Choton says talk to me with respect, I m elder to you. They argue. Bipasha asks what’s the matter. Mrinalini says nothing, humans are unpredictable. Lal says Jhanak is Choton’s fav, he might be shocked. Bablu asks him to shut up. They hear the police siren. Tanuja asks Anjana is everything ready. Anjana says yes. Bablu asks Anjana to stay back. Shubh says you have to get tea for the guests, who will do the work. Bablu says police is coming for work, not for tea. He argues. Anirudh says we should focus on imp things now. The police comes with Jhanak.

Jhanak writes a letter for Anirudh and leaves. He calls her out. He gets the note. She reaches Mumbai. She participates in a dance contest and prays. She collides with someone and says you….