Jhanak 8th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Anirudh learns about Jhanak’s father

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The Episode starts with Jhanak leaving. Tanha sa dil hai mera… plays… Anirudh gets sad. She waves bye to him. He wishes her all the best. He boards the train. He changes his clothes. He gets Urvashi’s letter. He reads it… Jhanak, you know why I kept this name… my sad life got happiness with your coming, you encouraged me to move on and today I have moved on to the place where I lost you and my life, maybe this was imp, what could I do, you got insulted for my mistake, I took this step to save you from insult, maybe you get peace after I leave, you will be alone, but I m sure, you have grown up, you can fight and face any problem, I m going, I m leaving my blessings and love with you, I will answer your question, your dad is there, he is a rich man, he is successful, but he doesn’t have a heart, he never tried to know you, everyone calls him Guru ji. Anirudh recalls Guru ji. He reads… Guru ji is your dad. Anirudh is shocked.

Urvashi says he married me falsely, he used me and then abandoned me, I want you to meet him and question him, why he didn’t take my responsibility. Anirudh cries and reads… Urvashi says your birth isn’t wrong, I m not wrong, I fell in love and got married, then you were born, Jhanak, it was my mistake to trust him, you used to ask me where people go after dying, I m the shining star in the sky, the light will always reach you, don’t cry, just remember me and made your dad realize that his mistake can’t be forgiven, become successful and a better person than your dad, you have the talent and courage to fulfill this dream, forgive me, I m leaving you, you are free from this insult, live well, live a good life for my sake. Anirudh cries. Urvashi is seen committing suicide by consuming the poison.

Anirudh thinks what did I do, I have to find Jhanak and take her to Kolkata, I can’t leave her, I will explain everything to Arshi, I have to support Jhanak right now. He leaves the train. He shouts Jhanak and looks for her. Jhanak talks to the inspector. She tells everything and asks for help. He refuses and says its not railway police matter, go to local police station, we will give you the address, go there. She asks can’t you make some arrangement here. He says sorry. He gives the address. She thanks him. Anirudh goes to the inspector and asks about Jhanak. Inspector says many girls come here. Anirudh says she has come for a shelter home. Inspector says we gave her the address, who are you. Anirudh says I m Anirudh Bose. Inspector asks what’s your relation with her, she said she is alone. Anirudh says there is no relation, I just… He recalls his marriage with Jhanak. He gives his card and says keep it, please inform me if you know it, give me address of SP office. He takes the address and thanks him.

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Jhanak leaves in the auto rickshaw. Anirudh runs on the road. He comes in front of a car. Arshi calls him. He hires an auto. He disconnects Arshi’s call. Arshi says maybe he is settling in train, I wish he comes back home soon, I don’t like it. Jhanak comes to SP office. She says I have to meet SP, its imp, my life is in danger. Constable says wait, he didn’t come till now. Anirudh comes there and sees Jhanak. He shouts Jhanak. She turns and sees him. They run to each other. She stumbles. Anirudh holds her. He says finally, I found you. She says you had a train. He says I left it, we will take a train together, come with me, you don’t need to meet SP Sir. She asks what do you mean. He says I mean you are coming with me to Kolkata. Shrishti says this isn’t right, where did Jhanak run away. Bharat says I don’t think she is in this city, did you talk to Anirudh. Shrishti says Arshi spoke to him, he said he is coming by train. Bharat asks is there any connection between them. Shrishti says no. He says we are worried, did Jhanak get Anirudh on her side. She says even I thought so, but this can’t happen, Anirudh said he is coming by morning train. Bharat says much can happen in one night. Jhanak says its impossible. Anirudh says I have thought a lot, I will worry for you all the life, its better you come with me.

The man says congrats for your marriage. Their pic is clicked. Shrishti worries. Tejas says Jhanak left me in mandap, I will kill the person and his entire family. Jhanak goes to washroom to clean the sindoor. Anirudh worries and says where is she.