Jhanak 7th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Jhanak and Anirudh part ways

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The Episode starts with Inspector doesn’t seeing Jhanak’s face and asking her to go. He says congrats, enjoy. Anirudh drives off. Tejas asks who was in the car. Inspector says tourist from Delhi, he has booked the houseboat. Tejas asks did you check well. Inspector says yes, I have seen their faces. Jhanak says we got saved. He says we can still get caught. Tejas comes to Jhanak’s village. She asks Anirudh to make her get down the car. Anirudh says you came here by your wish. She says villagers didn’t listen to me, your life is also in danger. He says don’t worry about me, I know what I m doing. Tejas asks where is the girl. The man says I don’t know. Tejas says I will burn the entire village, where is she. The man says we don’t know anything, she went to govt home. Tejas says she was going to marry me, she ran away. The lady says she is unfortunate to do so. The man lies. Tejas threatens them.

The villagers act and scold Jhanak. Tejas says if I know you all played a game with me, then I will burn the entire village. He leaves. Arshi calls Anirudh. He answers. He says there is network issue. He lies to her. She asks are you safe. He says yes, why are you asking. She says you didn’t go to Mama’s house. He says I wanted this day for us, don’t worry, I m coming, flights tickets are not available, I will come by train, I need to talk something imp. She says no, focus on driving, its risky. He says its imp. She says I know Urvashi is no more and Jhanak got married to Tejas, I was also shocked, what can we do. He says yes, there is one more news. She says we will talk tomorrow, I have to go, take care, I love you. He says okay, love you too. He ends call. Jhanak cries. He says we have to reach Jammu and return this rented car. She says sorry to put you in trouble, I will go away.

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Bharat asks how did Jhanak run away, Tejas went to her village. Lakshman says Anirudh isn’t on the houseboat. They all talk. Dadi asks is there anything between them. Bharat says Jhanak shouldn’t come here. Dadi says she has a habit to do a drama. He says I m scared, Tejas can come here and threaten us.

Anirudh encourages Jhanak. She cries. Kuch na kaho….plays… They reach the train station. She says you are free now, you go home, I will go to the police station and ask if I can stay at some NGO. He says they will ask you many questions and you won’t be comfortable to answer. She says its okay, I will manage. He says if you don’t get place in shelter home, you will need money. He gives her money. She says no, I have money, I don’t want money, we don’t know we meet again or not.

He asks her to keep the money, it will help. She says relations help in life, and I have lost the one I had, I have to become independent. He says fine, keep me informed about you. She says sure. He says there is one more thing, no one can change whatever happened with you, you have to move on. She says I will make a new start. He says I feel guilty to leave you alone here, I feel bad. She says Arshi would feel bad if you don’t go, she loves you a lot, go, don’t worry about me, you have done a lot for me. He says I didn’t do any favor, I did the right thing, you will become a famous dancer, I will be happy. She says I have to become big and confront that man for cheating my mum, I will try hard in finding him for my mum’s sake. He says I m sure you will do this, take care, call me if you need help. They shake hands.

Anirudh and Jhanak wish each other all the best. She leaves. He reads Urvashi’s letter and is shocked. He shouts and runs after Jhanak.