Jhanak 3rd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Jhanak gets kidnapped

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The Episode starts with Jhanak giving a gift to Anirudh. He calls Arshi and says why is her phone off. Arshi is on the way. Jhanak is leaving. The villagers talk to Jhanak. Jhanak asks them to take care. Abdul says the fight for justice can be long, but you have to fight for your mum’s sake. Anirudh says Jhanak, take care, you are a very strong girl, I don’t know we will meet again or not, but… nothing, go. Jhanak leaves in the car. Arshi is at the airport. She hears the announcement about the flight cancellation. She worries. Rahul and friends come to meet Jhanak. Abdul says she has left for the shelter home, go and meet her. Rahul says we are with her. They reach the shelter home. Guard says there is no one by Jhanak’s name, you can check the register, go and find out, don’t waste out time. Rahul says something is wrong, Tejas has kidnapped Jhanak. They think what to do. They rush to talk to the principal. Rahul sees Anirudh and says there is a problem. Jhanak comes to Tejas’ house and asks is this govt. home, this looks like a palace. The man says its your home, you will stay here forever. She asks what do you mean. The man says you will understand everything, come in. Anirudh asks what happened. Rahul says Jhanak isn’t at the shelter home, Tejas has kidnapped her, he always takes advantage of helpless girls. Anirudh asks what, we should go to the police. Rahul says no, police won’t help, he will send Jhanak somewhere else, he had threatened me also. Anirudh says we have to do something. Irfan says I will ask my uncle about Tejas. Rahul says if Tejas knows, then he will harm Jhanak. Anirudh says no, we will meet in the houseboat. Jhanak shouts for help. Tejas comes and says I m here for you, Jhanak. She says let me go, please.

He says you will enjoy all your life if you stay with me, its our marriage tonight, get ready on time. He goes. She cries and says I won’t marry. The lady says Tejas will kill you. Jhanak says it will be good, I won’t marry him. The lady says think well, he has money, property and connections, if you marry him, then you will have everything, you are lucky. Jhanak says he has killed innocent people, I don’t want such fate, I will write my fate on my own. The lady says you can’t get free from this devil, I thought he will marry me, he has made me a slave, he wants to marry you, it means he likes you. Jhanak asks what about my feelings, give me your phone. The lady says no one has a phone here, I didn’t try to run, a girl tried to escape but Tejas has tortured her, let me do my work and make you ready.

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Rahul meets Anirudh. He says there is no update. Irfan says we shall wait for the call. Rahul says we want your help in saving Jhanak. Anirudh says I m not refusing, we have to inform police. Arshi calls him. He asks did your flight land. She says no, flight got cancelled, I hope we don’t have to deal with Jhanak’s matter, don’t get involved, ask Bharat to help her. He says okay, I don’t care. She says good, I will come to you tomorrow, where are you. He says houseboat. She says see you soon, love you. He says love you too.

Bharat and family talk about Jhanak. Kaushalya asks Bharat to go and get Anirudh home. Bharat says yes. She says I will ask Shrishti. Bharat says Jhanak is lucky, she is in Tejas’ palace. The lady compliments Jhanak. Jhanak says if I can’t run away, then I will fight till my last breath, I won’t marry Tejas.

The lady asks what are you doing. Jhanak says you might be knowing of some day to escape, I will help you if I go out of here. The lady asks where will I go, my family left me, Tejas does wrong things and we women get defamed, forget about me, think about yourself, I will help you in running away, just be ready. Jhanak nods. Tejas gets ready for the marriage. Rahul says Tejas is going to forcibly marry Jhanak, her life will be ruined.

Jhanak asks why are you getting ready. The lady asks why, can’t I get ready and look pretty. She thinks maybe it’s the last time for me. Anirudh says I want to help Jhanak, but where will we find her.

Anirudh says we have to be careful. Jhanak runs away. She comes in front of Anirudh’s car. Tejas gets shocked seeing someone else as the bride. The villagers ask Anirudh to marry Jhanak and take her to Calcutta.