Jhanak 2nd December 2023 Written Episode Update: Anirudh supports Jhanak

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The Episode starts with Tejas asking Anirudh will he go on own or needs help. Anirudh says its okay, I will manage. Tejas leaves. Shrishti gets the news on call. Arshi asks what happened. Shrishti serves the servants. Vinayak comes. Arshi says Anirudh is not reachable. He says maybe he went on a small trip. Shrishti says he has gone to Jhanak’s village. Arshi asks why. He says maybe for trekking. Shrishti says Urvashi has committed suicide. They get shocked.

Arshi asks what, she ended her life. Vinayak says this didn’t happen right. Shrishti says maybe she did this by the burden of her… He shouts no, you and your family insulted her and she committed suicide, her deeds weren’t bad, your family’s deeds are bad. She asks what are you saying. Arshi says yes, this time you all have crossed limits, what will happen of poor Jhanak now. Jhanak cries and misses Urvashi. Anirudh says have some food. Jhanak says mum and I were going to make food together, we thought to have a party, she was hungry last night and passed away. Anirudh cries. Jhanak says no one will ask me to have food.

Anirudh makes the food for Jhanak. He asks how long will this go on. She refuses to eat. He says its okay, we both will stay hungry. She asks why, its late, your day got wasted because of me, I m really sorry. He says no, I should say sorry, Arshi’s family spoke to you badly. She says they are my mum’s family, I told everything to the police, I will fight. He says you did right, I m with you in this fight, whatever help you want, you can tell me. She says my poverty will come between my right and justice. He says no, this won’t happen, I m with you, wrong is wrong, Urvashi ended her life because of them, she should have thought about you once. She cries. He asks her to have some food. She eats the food.

She asks him to have food. She says you will go tomorrow. He says after you go to shelter home, I have to go to airport to pick Arshi, we will meet you, I promise. She says I will be glad if you both come to meet, I can’t come in your marriage, share your pics, I will get happy seeing that. He says life changes anytime. She says yes, like my life changed in one moment. He says this time will pass, you will move on and complete studies, you will meet a nice guy and spend your life.

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She says I don’t want to think of all that, I didn’t know about my dad, mum passed away, I promised her I will do a job, I won’t do a job now, mum isn’t here to see that, why shall I do it now. He says do it for yourself, become so big that those who troubled you can’t do anything, you are talented, you dance well, you will become a star. She says my mum has become a star in the sky. He says we didn’t lose her, she is with you, watching you and praying for you, you have to work hard. She cries. He wipes her tears and asks her to eat.

Arshi packs the bag. Shrishti asks why do you want to go, why is Anirudh getting involved. Arshi says I have to go, I can’t cancel my plans. Vinayak says I m worried for Jhanak. Arshi says we will give her money until her studies complete, then she will get a job. Shrishti asks what, will we fund her, she is complaining against my brother. He says no, she is talented, what did Bharat do to them. Arshi says Jhanak can do anything for her dreams, I have to go to Anirudh, I m leaving.

Its morning, Anirudh makes the tea and asks Jhanak to wake up. She wakes up and recalls Urvashi’s death. He asks her to have tea. He says we can’t lose, come on. She says you are getting worried because of me, sorry. He says no, don’t think so, I want your bank details. She asks why. He says I thought to… She says you will give money, how much, can I get my mum back. He says no, you can take the first step towards your dreams. She says I will earn money, don’t worry. He says you won’t accept my help. She says I will get ready now, you have the tea. She goes. He keeps some money in her wallet. She packs her bag. Tejas says make good preparations, this marriage is special to me. Pandit says don’t get late for the mahurat. Tejas says don’t worry, bride and groom will be here before time, its time to become a groom. He smiles. Jhanak leaves in the car. Anirudh says take care.

Rahul tells Anirudh about Tejas kidnapping Jhanak. Anirudh is shocked. Jhanak says I will fight till my last breath, but not marry Tejas. Tejas shoots at Jhanak.