Jhanak 29th November 2023 Written Episode Update: Jhanak and Urvashi get ousted

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The Episode starts with Tejas arguing with Urvashi. She asks Bharat will you give Arya’s hand to Tejas. Bharat shouts on her. Tejas says I can’t hear anything more, I will leave. Brij says you have made good arrangements. Shrishti says thanks, we should have a dance show together, it will be hit. Tejas says I will marry Jhanak. Urvashi says don’t punish my daughter. Bharat says shut up. Tejas says I will come to marry in 7 days, no one can stop me.

Jhanak sees everyone dancing. She recalls Arshi’s words and doesn’t dance. Radha asks what did Tejas say. Urvashi says he is badly eyeing Jhanak. She goes. Anirudh asks Jhanak are you sad, smile. Arshi says we should sit with Pankaj and Arya for dinner. She asks Jhanak to go and have food. She stops Anirudh from talking to Jhanak. She gets a call. She says its good news, I have to go back to Kolkata tomorrow. Anirudh says I have booked the houseboat by confirming dates with you. She says it’s a matter of one day, I will come back. He says it means I have to spend a day alone. Urvashi goes to talk to Brij. He says you are still the same. She scolds him. She asks him to understand his responsibility. She says Jhanak needs your help. He says I m a guest here, ask your family for help, I can just give money. She says money isn’t everything, if you don’t take Jhanak’s responsibility, then I will unmask you, no one knows who is Jhanak. He asks are you threatening me, I won’t tolerate it, I m going. Everyone comes and gets involved in the argument. They all scold Urvashi and insult her. Jhanak asks Urvashi to come, how does she know Guru ji. Urvashi says wait, I have to talk, I came to take his help for Jhanak. Bharat asks what do you want, Tejas had got a proposal for Jhanak. Jhanak asks what. Shrishti asks by what rights will Guru ji help Jhanak. Jhanak says we don’t want any help, I feel bad when Urvashi begs someone for my sake, I will not dance, I will study well and do a job, we don’t want anyone’s help. Anirudh says tell us what help you want, if its possible for Guru ji, then he will help. Shrishti says you don’t know her past, but Guru ji knows it, Urvashi doesn’t know the name of Jhanak’s dad, so she couldn’t tell her. Urvashi and Jhanak cry.

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Jhanak says you are saying right, don’t forget Urvashi is a human, don’t insult her, we will leave from here. Shrishti asks her to get out of the house and live on the roads. Bharat says get out, we don’t care you live or die. Shrishti says Urvashi, you are a cheat. Jhanak says enough, she isn’t wrong. Urvashi says you know why I came to ask your help, I may forgive you, but God won’t. Shrishti and Brij scold Urvashi back. Anirudh stops Brij. Jhanak says life remembers everything and one day every scores will be settled for sure. Urvashi and Jhanak leave.

Urvashi passes away. Jhanak gets kidnapped by Tejas.