Jhanak 29th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Jhanak gets drunk

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Jhanak 29th December 2023 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.News

The Episode starts with Jhanak getting drunk. Arshi dances on the stage on Swing..… song. Anirudh claps for her. Bipasha goes to Jhanak. She says its your birthday, I called you here, enjoy the party and drink. Jhanak says I had it. Bipasha says so what, have another one. Jhanak drinks. She gets dizzy. Mimi asks Appu to sit and see the dance. Everyone claps for Arshi. Arshi gets shocked seeing Jhanak. She asks what’s Jhanak doing here. Rumi says a talented dancer is here between us. She asks Jhanak to come on stage. Bipasha asks Arshi to have patience. Jhanak sees Anirudh and thinks I don’t want your pity. Bipasha asks Jhanak to dance. Hungama hogaya…plays… Jhanak dances on the stage. Bipasha says she got tipsy. Mimi and Rumi joke. A guy dances with Jhanak. Anirudh gets angry. Arshi asks what happened to Jhanak. Bipasha says she might have taken drinks. Anirudh thinks what happened to Jhanak, why is she walking as if she is drunk. Jhanak sings.

She says Sir ji, you are very smart, you kept the cake and flowers in my room, you are confused, what do you want, you insult first and then give gifts, then insult again, why do you hurt my heart so much. She catches his collar. She asks did I do anything wrong, did I ask you to help me. He says just leave me. She says you are silent today, I want an answer. He says leave me.

She says this man is arrogant. Appu asks why is she saying like that. She says he has hurt me a lot. The lady asks who is this girl. Arshi says she is a maid. She scolds Jhanak. She asks Jhanak did you want Anirudh. Jhanak asks her to get quiet. She asks Anirudh why did you get me here, I didn’t tell anything to anyone. Bipasha asks what is she saying. Lal says she is doing a drama, you should have not made her drink so much. Anirudh asks Jhanak to control herself. She says I won’t control now, you all have controlled me, now answer me, why did you get me here.

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She says I didn’t tell anything to anyone, I have kept everything hidden, you wanted this, why aren’t you answering. She cries and says answer me. Appu asks did she drink alcohol, but she was drinking juice. Jhanak asks are you scared of me, yes. Arshi asks what is she saying. He says she is drunk, I don’t know. Arshi slaps Jhanak. Anirudh and everyone are shocked.

He says Arshi…. Jhanak looks at Arshi. Arshi asks Jhanak to shut up. She asks how dare you misbehave with Anirudh in his party. Jhanak says but I didn’t tell anything to anyone. She sits crying and asks why did you beat me. Appu cries and goes to hold Jhanak. Anirudh gets sad seeing Jhanak.

They all come home. Arshi says Jhanak has done this intentionally, she had planned all this. Shubh asks how did she get alcohol, she is here to do her work or enjoy. Mimi says we just gave her a cold drink. Bipasha says we all have some drinks, even if we drink, it doesn’t mean the maid also starts drinking. Arshi asks what was she saying, she didn’t tell anyone, what is it, tell me Anirudh. He says she is still drunk, don’t take her words seriously. Shubh asks Jhanak to answer them. Arshi says when mom knows this, then you don’t know what will she do with you. Jhanak asks what will she do, what’s left to do bad, I don’t want to stay here or your house, I just want to go away, I will tell the truth. Anirudh says enough, why did you misbehave there. Jhanak says you are misbehaving, answer me, why did you get me here. Arshi asks her to say, what is she hiding. Anirudh signs no. Jhanak says Sir ji…

Anjana says Jhanak has high fever. Anirudh sits to have food. Anjana says Jhanak is not well. Anirudh checks Jhanak’s fever and takes care of her. Arshi comes and looks on.