Jhanak 28th December 2023 Written Episode Update: Arshi questions Anirudh

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The Episode starts with Jhanak saying when I went to my room, this cake and flowers were kept, I also wanted to give something to Arshi on her birthday, Anirudh might have known this and kept the gifts so that I give it to Arshi. Anirudh asks why are you lying, I had given this to you. Everyone questions Anirudh. Anirudh says I got to know its Jhanak’s birthday today, we are together to celebrate Arshi’s birthday, I gave the gifts to Jhanak for her birthday. Arshi says she gave it to me to act great. Jhanak says no, you should get these gifts. Shrishti says you could have told us, why did you hide. He says I didn’t hide it, I m an independent adult, I can’t ask and take my life’s decision, its basic things to wish and give someone gifts, I don’t think I should make an announcement. Vinayak wishes and blesses Jhanak. Appu and others also wish Jhanak. Arshi signs Anirudh. Jhanak thanks Appu for giving her much happiness. She says you are my special gift, I don’t want anything else. Appu laughs happily. Shubh says enough of drama, come and have food, everyone. He asks Jhanak to get to work. Arshi says its okay, take the cake and the flowers from here, right away. Shrishti says remember one thing, you give and take in equal status people. She taunts about Urvashi. Jhanak says everyone needs love, whatever I gave to Arshi, it was with love, I will not live on someone’s favors, I will fight and work hard to reach my destination, I got to know this well. Anirudh nods.

Anirudh surprises Arshi with a birthday party. Arshi thanks everyone for coming. Bipasha praises Anirudh. She asks Arshi to marry Anirudh soon. She warns her about Jhanak. Arshi cuts the cake. Everyone claps. Anirudh asks how did you like the surprise. Arshi asks did you do this. He says yes, just for my wife. She says I didn’t become your wife yet. He says yes, but our marriage is close. She says anything is possible. He asks what do you mean. She asks why did you give the cake and bouquet to Jhanak separately. He says I didn’t want to complicate things. She says Jhanak is just a maid in Bharat’s house, she will get equal to me. He says no, leave it, why do we discuss about Jhanak, its your birthday, special day, leave it, go and meet your friends. Bipasha says don’t take my words lightly. Arshi says Anirudh just loves me, I completely trust him, he can never do wrong. Bipasha says be prepared, don’t take risk. Arshi says Jhanak is coming home with me. Bipasha says send her back to Srinagar, all the problems will end. Lal says it’s a beautiful evening, lets hit the dance floor. Everyone dances.

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Appu gets stubborn and argues with Anjana and Jhanak. Jhanak says I will go tomorrow. Appu says no, don’t go. Anjana asks really. Jhanak says I have to go to Srinagar. Anjana says there is danger. Jhanak says danger to lose life and freedom, I have no parents, friends away and unaffectionate relatives, she has no danger, what will I lose, I just have respect, I don’t want to lose respect.

Rumi and Mimi make a plan with Bipasha to teach lesson a Jhanak. She says we will call her here, its her birthday. Bipasha says all the best. She tells the plan to Lal. Appu cries and says I will die if you go. Jhanak says no, you will never say this again.

Rumi and Mimi come to Jhanak, and ask her to come to the party. They invite Jhanak and Appu. They take Jhanak to the party and ask her to have the spiked drink. They insist Jhanak to drink. Jhanak drinks. Arshi dances on the stage. Everyone smiles.

Arshi slaps Jhanak in anger. Anjana says Jhanak has high fever and takes care of her.