Isha Malviya Reflects on Life After Udaariyaan: “It’s a Much-Needed Break”


Isha Malviya Reflects on Life After Udaariyaan: “It’s a Much-Needed Break”

Isha Malviya, renowned for her portrayal of Jasmin in the popular TV series Udaariyaan, bid farewell to the show some time ago when it underwent a significant generational shift. Currently enjoying a break from her professional commitments, she is relishing quality time with her family. In a recent interview, she candidly shared her thoughts on life post-Udaariyaan and her deep longing for the show that has left an indelible mark on her.

The talented actress, who also featured in the show’s second season, described her journey on Udaariyaan as a profound learning experience. She expressed her joy about making the most of her break by traveling extensively and reconnecting with her family and loved ones. After dedicating her recent years to work, this pause has been a much-needed respite.

Isha fondly reminisced, “I am enjoying my break to the fullest, and it is going amazing. I traveled a lot during my break, met my family, relatives, and everyone. After spending my last few years at work, this was a much-needed break.”

Her sentiments regarding the show she holds dear were palpable as she continued, “I miss going to Udaariyaan sets a lot and shooting with the cast. Udaariyaan is always going to be very close to my heart. I miss shooting in Chandigarh, but I’m happy that I stay there, so I don’t miss the city. I personally love this city.”

Speaking of her longing for her craft, Isha confessed, “I’m missing being in front of the camera or facing the camera mostly. This is the first job I learned, and this is my first job actually. I really miss being there on sets. Be it wearing new outfits, reading scripts, gearing up for the shot, or shooting powerful scenes, I miss all these things. Udaariyaan gave me an opportunity to shoot some powerful scenes.”

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Reflecting on her experience working on the show, she shared, “My learning experience on Udaariyaan has been great. I’d never imagined that I would get a chance like this, but when I got it, I grabbed it with both hands and gave my best. And whenever I was confused or did not know how to perform certain scenes, I would seek guidance from Ravi sir and Sargun Ma’am. My directors, co-stars, and everyone were very helpful,” she concluded.

Isha Malviya’s journey continues, and it’s evident that her time on Udaariyaan has left her with cherished memories and valuable lessons for the future.