Internet sensation Elvish Yadav and Aashika Bhatia enter Bigg Boss OTT 2

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Internet sensation Elvish Yadav and Aashika Bhatia enter Bigg Boss OTT 2

In an exciting live stream event, Elvish Yadav and Aashika Bhatia made their entry into the Bigg Boss OTT 2 house with a thrilling Social Media challenge. Bigg Boss summoned Manisha Rani and Avinash Sachdev to the activity area, where Elvish and Aashika eagerly awaited them. The housemates were tasked with creating funny captions for pictures of their fellow contestants, with the individual who crafted the most humorous and authentic captions being crowned the new captain of the house.

The first picture presented was of Jad Hadid in a stunning black sequined outfit. Manisha and Avinash’s initial attempts at writing captions fell short of impressing the judges, leaving them slightly bewildered. Elvish stepped in to provide some guidance on captioning memes. Finally, Manisha’s caption, “Bebika please mujhe chhod do” emerged victorious, securing her victory in the first round.

The second picture captured Jad and Bebika, with Jad feeding her a fruit. Manisha penned, “Aaj toh main Manisha ke dil mein aag laga ke rahungi” (Today, I will set Manisha’s heart on fire). Avinash’s caption read, “Main yeda, khal le peda” . Once again, Elvish and Aashika sided with Manisha’s caption. The game continued with funny pictures of Falaq and Bebika, prompting Elvish to challenge them to write something amusing about Bebika’s picture. Once again, Manisha emerged victorious, leading Avinash to remark, “I wish I was active on social media; then I would win this challenge.”

When Pooja Bhatt’s picture came up, Manisha added another fun comment, stating, “Is puri duniya mein mujhse behtar agar koi gyaan de diya toh main apna naam badal dungi” (If someone in this whole world gives me better wisdom, I’ll change my name). Elvish joked, “Yeh meri Taiji hai, yeh kabhi galat nahi hoti” (She is my aunt; she never goes wrong) in reference to Pooja Bhatt.

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As Manisha and Bebika’s dancing picture appeared, Manisha gained another point. Manisha secured another point with Pooja Bhatt’s cleaning picture. Bigg Boss then instructed the guests not to reveal the winner. The housemates thoroughly enjoyed witnessing Avinash and Manisha’s entertaining performances during the task and their humorous captions.

After a few more amusing pictures, Jiya and Jad’s picture surfaced, prompting Elvish to remind them of the “daughter controversy” that had transpired between them. Manisha and Avinash provided context, explaining why they had written their captions. Observing the captions, Falaq and Abhishek discussed that the game didn’t suit Avinash, as he wasn’t well-versed in social media.

Concluding the challenge, Elvish and Aashika announced that, according to their judgment, Manisha had triumphed and would become the new captain of the house. Overwhelmed with joy, Manisha danced and embraced the guests.

For those unaware, Elvish had shared a video on his social media, expressing his excitement about watching episodes of Bigg Boss. When asked about his feelings upon entering the house, he jokingly replied, “I am already scared; all of them are intimidating. Don’t show me Pooja Bhatt’s face. I’ll wreak havoc once I’m inside. No tension.”