Imlie Star Adrija Roy Reflects on 3 Months of Success, Challenges, and Personal Growth

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Adrija Roy, acclaimed for her role in the popular show Imlie, has been winning hearts with her onscreen chemistry alongside Sai Ketan Rao. In a recent conversation, Adrija opens up about her journey with the show and the challenges she faced while honing her skills in Awadhi. Here’s a glimpse into what she shared:

Grateful for Playing Imlie: Completing three months with Imlie has been an incredible journey, and Adrija expresses her gratitude for being part of one of the most beloved shows. She considers herself fortunate to portray the character of Imlie, especially given the show’s immense popularity, having recently marked 1000 episodes and three years on air.

Challenges of Learning Awadhi: Being a Bengali actress with a background in the Bengali industry, Adrija shares her initial apprehension about learning Awadhi for Imlie. Despite the pressure, she acknowledges her improvement over time and credits her director’s advice to speak in Awadhi more frequently. The challenge was magnified by Imlie’s fast-paced dialogue delivery, but Adrija embraced the linguistic hurdles with determination.

Comparison with Previous Imlies: Addressing the inevitable comparisons with previous actresses who portrayed Imlie, Adrija remains unfazed by the pressure. She emphasizes that each season has distinct storylines and while there may be character similarities, she strives to bring her unique interpretation to the role. Adrija acknowledges viewer expectations but aims to cater to them by staying true to her portrayal of Imlie.

Personal Growth with Imlie: Adrija draws parallels between herself and the character Imlie, highlighting their self-confidence and upfront nature. She admires Imlie’s ability to take a stand for what is right and wrong. Adrija shares that playing Imlie has allowed her to live a better version of herself, embracing a sense of personal growth through the challenges and triumphs of the show.

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In this conversation, Adrija Roy gives viewers a peek into her journey on and off-screen, showcasing the dedication and passion she brings to her portrayal of Imlie.