Imlie 9th August 2023 Written Episode Update: Athara Saves Imlie and Proposes Her For Marriage


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Imlie steals someone’s call and drives away before Mohan’s goon reaches her with a bomb remote. Police arrests watchman. Atharva with family reaches there and questions watchman about Imlie’s location. Watchman says before he and the person with remote came here, Imlie left in a car. Goon hides behind a car. Atharva calls Imlie and asks where is she. Imlie says she has gone far away on a path of no return and asks him to taker care of Kairi and himself. Atharva says he and Kairi can’t live without her. Imlie says he did for 5 years. They both express their love for each other. Imlie says good bye. Rudra asks Atharva to stop wasting time in talks and catch the goon having remote and stop the timer.

Atharva prays god to help him find the goon. He notices goon hiding behind a car, thanks god, catches good and trashes him. Goon refuses to give him remote. He takes remote form goon’s pocket and notices timer about to end. They hear a blast and stand crying for Imlie. Imlie notices car’s airbags deployed and bomb defused. She speaks to Atharva. Family rejoices hearing her voice. Atharva notices stopping the timer before the time ended. Imlie reaches back and meets family. They all feel happy seeing her alive. Inspector thanks Imlie and praises her bravery. Imlie says it was duty. Kairi says you are welcome.

Anu fumes watching Imlie’s news on TV. IT department officials raid her house in a financial fraud case. Anu threatens to get them suspended via commissioner. They warn her to do whatever she wants to, they will prosecute her if she interferes in their work. They drag her out of the house, seal it, and walk away. Back home, Keya fumes on Akash for failing to adopt a baby and says soon Rudra and Devika will make Kairi as legal heir and transfer all the properties in her name. Akash says she was finding defect in every baby. Keya says she is ready to adopt a baby of any shape and size. Akash says he will speak to adoption agency again, but it will take time. Keya says they don’t have time.

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Devika requests Imlie to become her DIL again. Whole family insist Imlie to remarry Atharva. Devika asks Atharva to propose Imlie. Atharva tries and seeks her answer. Imlie says he is a fool to remember her words spoken 7 days ago and not today. Kairi tells Atharva that Imlie told him I love you today. Atharva gets emotional, kneels down, and asks Imlie if she will do a mistake of marrying him a third time. Imlie says no.

Precap: Voiceover says this Sunday, there will be unknown enemy in Imlie and Atharva’s lives. Doctor congratulates Atharva and Imlie for becoming parents atain.