Imlie 8th September 2023 Written Episode Update: Imlie Struggles To Get Her Daughters Back


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Imlie calls Atharva. Atharva thanks god that she called him and asks where is she and if kids care with her. Imlie says she is calling from a nice couple’s phone, Anu handed over kids to Bharati Ekta Sanghatan NGO where they had sent Anu earlier, she has come here to get back her kids. She returns phone to couple and thanks them. Couple hopes Imlie gets back her children soon. Imlie also hopes they get their choice of baby soon. They all 3 walk into NGO. A lady staff stops Imlie and asks if she wants to meet someone. Imlie says her daughters 5-year-old Kairi and newborn Choti Imlie/CI are brought here by a senior lady, she wants them back. Lady asks her wait. NGO manager meets couple and promises to offer them a newborn baby. Staff takes him aside and informs him that Kairi was right and her mother has come to take both girls back. Manager says he promised ultra rich Manchandanis to give them newborn baby, they will shut his NGO if he doesn’t give them baby, they will give a huge donation from them and can’t lose it, girls’ mother looks poor and can’t take care of them, etc.

Staff returns to Imlie and informs her that her girls are not here and she can search in some other NGO. Imlie says how is it possible as this is the only NGO in a 20 km radius. Staff says sorry and leaves. Imlie walks towards door when Kairi notices her and calls her. Staff bring CI behind Imlie, but Imlie doesn’t get any intuition like she brags with heavy dialogues. Imlie finally hears Kairi’s voice and runs to the room, but staff shuts Kairi’s mouth and hides her. Imlie searches for Kairi while manager hands over CI to Manchandanis. CI’s bangle falls down while Manchandanis carry her away. Kairi bites staff’s hand and runs towards Manchandanis pleading them not to take her sister away.

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Imlie finds CI’s bangle and recalls Devika fixing it in CI’s wrist. She thinks she knew her baby is here, how will she find her mamma. She notices Manchandanis leaving with baby and runs behind their car, but falls down. Kairi runs and hugs Imlie. Imlie asks if she is fine. Kairi says she is fine, but uncle and aunty took baby away. Imlie walks to receptionist and says she saw a couple taking her baby away and wants their address. Receptionist refuses to give any information. Imlie says they can’t separate a mother from her baby. Manager tells Imlie that they gave her baby to Manchandanis for adoption. Imlie asks how can they do that. Manager says that is the procedure. Atharva with family enters and shouts how dare he is to give their baby to someone else and threatens to file a complaint against him and tries to punch him. Imlie stops him. Manager gives him Manchandani’s house address and informs that they must have gone to their farm house and he doesn’t have that address.

Precap: Choti Imlie takes a singing job in a bar. An arrogant businessman enters bar with his friends and offers her money. Imlie refuses it. He asks her name. She says she is Imlie.